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#WeekendsWithMitsueki: Trying Brothers Ramen x Elijah Pies x Movie Date and Chillax Night – 16 March 2024

#WeekendsWithMitsueki Trying Brothers Ramen x Elijah Pies x Movie Date and Chillax Night - 16 March 2024

Andddd the weekend begins once again! Kick-starting off with our follow up appointment at our medical place before heading over to the nearby Brothers Ramen to join the queue prior to their opening.

The suggested time is around 1030-1045am, at least 45-1 hour before opening for a guaranteed seat. We reached around 1045am and there was already a short queue of around 8-10 people where we joined the line. By 11.27am, the queue was relatively long, snaking over 3 shops as seen pictured below .. a lil scary and amazing to see for a shop that hasn’t opened yet.

Brothers Ramen has been around for awhile now and has developed a very strong reputation and following amongst locals and Japanese alike for their ramen. Plus Alderic recently featured them as one of his top ramen spots in Singapore and we were there to try the hype.

Starting off with the original is good enough and we upgraded it by opting for the Superman; which is essentially the original Brothers Ramen with more ingredients (extra chashu) and a ramen egg. The meal also comes with free flow water and Beansprouts.

You order and pay first via the ordering kiosk before proceeding to get directed to a free table by their staff. Then grab your water and Beansprouts and wait for your number to be called. This is pretty self service so keep a lookout! All the ramen are cooked to order so expect a 15-20 mins wait time on average during peak hours.

Finally our ramen arrived and we dug into it with gusto! The ingredients were really aplenty and the thick cut char siew / chicken was tender and delicious. Everything was not bad honestly for the price at less than $18++ per bowl for that number of ingredients and the taste. However, I don’t think it will be worth a return visit IF the wait time is more than 30 mins in the future. Otherwise if you can walk in anytime, by all means this is a good ramen spot to hit up for a date or with friends 🙂

Next time: Enishi, also located in the same vicinity!

Another item to try that I ticked off my bucket list this round was: Elijah Pies. They opened an outlet at the Tanjong Pagar vicinity relatively close by so we hopped over to grab some slices of their famous pie.

Their shop is also super aesthetic and pretty, drawing you in for a perfect teatime hangout location with friends. I can imagine how crowded it will be during the peak hours with the limited seating however.

Here, we got their two bestseller dessert pies – the signature Nutella and their wild berry lavender. Not cheap priced at $8++ per slice but I really wanted to try them and we did 🙂

Conclusion? My favourite was honestly the side crust of the Nutella tart. That was seriously one of the best I’ve eaten and I could eat more of it over everything. Otherwise, the pies were decent and quite delicious; however not one that I would go out of my way for a return visit unless I’m around the vicinity.

To end off our day, it’s time for some Kung Fu Panda 4, picking up free Yeos Soy Milk drinks, finishing up the new Netflix Chicken Nugget show, fruits and the continuous usage of my Snug Compression Slimming socks for the night!

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