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#WeekendsWithMitsueki: Wedding Decor Shopping Spree x Lunch @ Zhup Zhup by One Prawn and Co x Bedsheet Shopping x A Fulfilling Day – 9 March 2024

#WeekendsWithMitsueki Wedding Decor Shopping Spree x Lunch @ Zhup Zhup by One Prawn and Co x Bedsheet Shopping x A Fulfilling Day - 9 March 2024

This sat is a pretty exciting day and I ended up super happy when I visited the open house to view the items for sale! Fell in love with all the florals which I got at a great offer because you’ll definitely not be able to get a better price elsewhere!

My bride and groom sign is also pretty much settled, albeit with the flowers being a different color but I really like it so yeah. Bride wins lol.

Can you believe that I actually went back again the second round, this time with one of my bridesmaid in tow and we literally bought even more stuff. So yeah I think my reception table, solemnisation and photo display table is quite settled for now in terms of decorations! Just pending perhaps buying a couple of sashes for the chair and DIY-ing some of the stuff prior to the wedding – plus figure out the set up.

Beyond that, the theme and color scheme of my wedding seems to be set – pink white champaign peach white, with a little bit of yellows/gold and browns; with a slight travel theme. I love them all already!!

We then had a tasting lunch at the newly rebranded Zhup Zhup by One Prawn & Co, marking my 4th visit here! We tried a few new items and our favourites – from their new lobster paofan, to the prawn hokkein mee, prawn paste chicken, premium prawn noodles and a ngoh hiang small platter set to share.

Surprisingly and yet not surprisingly.. we finished them all! Yummy, I’ll definitely be back for more in the future 🙂 Thanks for having us!

Our next stop was to head over to i12 Katong to shop for bedsheet spreads, pillows and the like as they were having a warehouse sale at the atrium. If you combine your loots, you can easily hit some rebates for extra discounts like what we did! So we paid around less than $140 for 2 pillows, 1 bolster and 2 different colored queen size quilt mattress set (2 pillow cases/mattress cover/quilt case) in. Too bad they didn’t have any quilts for sale or we could have settled all our purchases at a go!

After that, we had desserts for dinner before bidding our farewells as they went home while the mister and I headed over to my storage to drop off all of today’s loots! Guess this is when my paid storage comes in handy. Hahaha!

Before calling a night, I also took time to get my upcoming advertorial done for SNUG.SG, a new socks brand debuting in Singapore hailing from Taiwan! I’m excited to try out all their various deodorant socks, underwear and those compression stocking to curb my water retention bloating.

Stay tuned for more details on that 🙂

And that’s it for a busy day but fulfilling day out with the mister and my friends. I had a great Saturday and I hope you had a wonderful one too that day!

Thanks for reading!


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