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#WeekendsWithMitsueki: Trying Mad Charcoal @ Orange Point (LINK@AMK) x Wedding Invitations x Chillax Night – 13 Jan 2024

#WeekendsWithMitsueki Trying Mad Charcoal @ Orange Point (LINK@AMK) x Wedding Invitations x Chillax Night - 13 Jan 2024

Cheers to the start of a great weekend, especially when we kickstart it with a lunch date at Mad Charcoal!

Located within Orange Point Kopitiam at LINK@AMK, this is a popular western place that many have touted to serve one of the best western food in a Kopitiam in Singapore. Was it as good as the reviews said? Let’s find out!

Being spoilt for choice, we decided to go for one of their sharing platters. In this case, this is the beef brisket platter ($36) that comes with 3 proteins (beef brisket, pork belly and chicken) and 2 sides of your choice (we went for highly raved mashed potato and aglio olio pasta).

First up, the mashed potato did not fail and it came in a huge bowl if you take the platter as seen pictured. Beautifully blended, you won’t find any lumps of potatoes in this and it’s an absolute gem! The pasta was hefty, nothing super aglio olio about it tbh, more of a slightly creamy pasta topped with an onsen egg that tasted delicious and is good for sharing between two pax.

The meats were charcoal grilled and they were all very tender and delicious. If there’s any downside, I would say .. expect it to be greasy and super fatty (they use super fatty cuts), especially for the beef brisket. So if you’re looking to count your diet or calories .. this isn’t the place for you hahahhaa.

My suggestion as well to cut through all the grease and fats is to order their house salad which alot of ppl rave about as well. Would try again next time if I’m within the vicinity, alongside their other sides (e.g roasted sweet potatoes, fries etc) and other proteins. My fave is the chicken btw, loved it!

Okay and here’s the main point why we travelled all the way down here – viewing and picking our wedding invitation cards from T-Dragon. This is inclusive in our wedding package (excluding printing costs) and we though aiya let’s just to there to see see.

Of course what we didn’t expect was to pay $165 for the “printing” only. This is for 60 pieces after negotiation as we opted for a nicer design. Honestly yes it feels quite overpriced for the just the printing service. Nonetheless, if you view it from an overall perspective, you get a high quality card holder / card stock and envelope bundled up nicely .. ok la, for a once in a lifetime. You can definitely get cheaper from JB or taobao but it’s ok. At least we got to see, touch, feel and understand more about the packages/printing.

On the whole, we were generally quite pleased with the final result and will liaise with them online for the rest of it. It also takes around 2-3 weeks for the printing of the cards so do factor that it when planning!

After all that was done, it was time to head back home to pick up some food for my mom, and then we went to check out the new Bites by Scarlett Supermarket that opened at PLQ Mall before ending it off at the misters place for dinner, fruits and (not pictured) alot of snacking + shows to watch!

P.s I also impulsively ordered this set of pound cakes ($18) from @youkneadbakes literally one hour before the collection as they are located within the AMK/YCK area!

Life’s good and this weekend has been a blast! 🙂


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