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#WeekendsWithMitsueki: 2D1N JB Getaway (Cafehopping x Haircut x Shopping x Eating x Massage) – 6 Jan 2024

WeekendsWithMitsueki 2D1N JB Getaway (Cafehopping x Haircut x Shopping x Eating x Massage) - 6 Jan 2024

It’s the first weekend of #2024 and we’re heading for a quick overnight getaway to JB with the double dating group!

We left around 730am, reaching Woodlands Checkpoint around 815am before heading over to the JB customs (1 hour wait) and managed to get in by 10.15am, which isn’t too shabby by land.

The first order of the day was to grab some bites, coffee and browse around the CNY stalls at JB City Square before going for an early lunch at McDonald’s so that the mister could have his Prosperity Burger meal, while I enjoyed their iced chocolate with Hersheys.

Moving on, we went to Hiap Joo Bakery to pick up my favourite banana cake and were stuck in the rain, hence we ended up popping by Dona’s Bakehouse located next door to seek shelter, have some drinks and indulge in a couple of pastries while waiting.

The owner (?) was really nice and gifted us their brand new eggs benny beef rendang croissant that tasted really good! This would be launching in two days time and we were so lucky to be able to try it before that! Their other bakes were lovely too, from the orange scone to pistachio rose croissant paired with a lovely ambience and drinks; definitely a nice way to spend our afternoon here chilling while waiting for the rain to stop!

Our original plan was to head over to the Tebaru area for shopping but we ended up just walking around JB City Square area and then deciding to just grab over to KSL directly for check in first since it was around 2pm. Quote <MITSUEKI5OFF> for 5% off your Klook booking including hotels!

With plenty of time to kill, I decided to look for a hair salon to do my pre CNY hair cut! That led me to this salon called VR Hair Salon for one of the cheaper deals of 50 MYR for a hair cut + wash + blow for my hair length, verus 58-88MYR on average for the other salons around the area. Of course, I don’t expect too much for the price and it was okay la. Basically less than S$20 for a 1.15 hour session is not too bad, no complains here for me 🙂

We then headed to Lotus supermarket for a look-see for any CNY goodies. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much here tbh however we did pick up some other cheap(er) items here Vs SG!

An early dinner beckons at my favourite Souper Tang. As always, the service and wait is always unpredictable but luckily it was pretty decent this round as the food came served at an acceptable timing.

Since we were in a bigger group, this means we could order more food options and try other dishes which we did! Including two types of their soup, 2 appetitizers, that delicious hot stone rice, prawn and truffle egg, fried ngoh hiang and a fish dish with fruit enzyme. They all tasted delicious, relatively light and healthy especially when finished off with a refreshing lime drink!

I recommend paying for their membership becos it’s quite worth it especially if you plan to dine here at least 2-3 times in a year becos you’ll definitely be saving a little bit, especially with all the free coupons you’ll be getting on seasonal occasions and your default coupons 🙂 e.g for today, we had a 30MYR discount coupon on this meal cos of CNY!

The final stop of the night was to look for a Thai massage place around KSL cos I was craving for a nice (overdue) massage! We decided to go for Thong Thai massage which is a little more expensive than the usual places – I paid 118MYR ($35) per person for a 1.5 hours (90 mins) Thai massage. Defo cheaper than Singapore but you can get cheaper ones around the area, or slightly outside. However, you can’t just beat the convenience of heading up to your hotel directly after your massage.

Their service was pretty good too with authentic Thai masseurs, and a full suite of service with private massage rooms for couples (available on request) like ours. I was happy with mine as well because I told her to go light on me and it was a very soothing, comfy massage overall and not painful.

Added to that, you also get served a cup of hot ginger tea after and feel free to help yourselves to all the free flow ice cream, snacks and drinks at the lounge area 🙂

PS, as if that wasn’t enough .. the mister ordered a DOUBLE Prosperity Burger via Grab delivery because..that’s just him la. Yep that marks his 3rd Prosperity Burger in a day. Have you met a hardcore fan like him before?!

And that’s it for our first day in JB! Time for a good night sleep after a wonderful massage zzz Gnite and thanks always for reading!


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