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#MitsuekiTravels | 12D11N Taiwan Trip 2024 (Day 12): Last Day Eats in Taipei x Souvenir Shopping x Best Lounge Food @ Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei Airport x Homebound – 23 Nov 2023

Last Day Eats in Taipei x Souvenir Shopping x Best Lounge Food @ Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei Airport x Homebound - 23 Nov 2023

This is it. We have officially come to end of our trip with our last few hours in Taipei. By tonight, we’ll be back in our beds in Singapore sleeping in and waking up 🙁

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Having said that, we had to make sure that we make use of whatever time we have left in Taipei today after checking out! The mister grabbed his last bowl of Ay Chung Mian Xian and a cup of his first bubble milk tea from Xinfutang to start off; while we finished off the rest of the castella cake we bought yesterday.

With that, we were all packed and off we go to buy the last bits of souvenirs that we could pack into our suitcases; plus his coffee and my usual fruits. And off we go for our Souvenirs shopping and trying to find smaller items that we could stuff in!

Lunch was decided to be Taiwan beef noodles from an old school brand called Fuhong Beef Noodles located nearby XMD. We ordered their beef noodles (S for me, M for the mister) and it came with free flow free drinks as well by the side. A very good value and delicious as our last meal in Taipei before we headed back to our Airbnb apartment to stuff in the Souvenirs and head over to the airport.

Tbh, it’s always good to arrive slightly earlier ahead of time to avoid the queues especially on departure day. For us specially, we also took the extra time to purchase even more souvenirs becos we were sorely limited by the one check in baggage limit allowed for our flight and could barely buy souvenirs, specially those bigger sized boxes. Luckily for us then, we were able to at least pick up a number of them during this time!

Not only that, we also had time to head over to the Plaza Premium Lounge at Taipei Airport where we had one of the best meals we’ve ever tried at an airport lounge to date (even better than SG imo)! The lounge was large and well maintained, very clean with plenty of dining, lounge seats, bathrooms/showers and nap rooms.

For food, they have a chef all day menu to choose from and we ordered the pumpkin kua bao, Taiwanese braised pork rice and douhua to try. They were all delicious; maybe even nicer than some of the ones we ate during our trip!? Meanwhile the buffet line items were not too bad. I mean a good example is to see their greens. They weren’t soggy, but fresh and crunchy instead which is pretty rare. For drinkers, they also offer Taiwan beer on tap; alongside the usual alcoholic drinks.

Honestly we didn’t expect to eat so much at the lounge becos there would be dinner onboard as well.. however, it was too delicious not to 🙁

Back to reality now, heading onboard our China Airlines flight! Think most people had the same idea/problem as us with luggage space so many of us bought a ton of items from the duty free shops at the airport cos you can buy them freely after you check in! Anyway all onboard and goodbye Taipei! Thanks for the wonderful memories for the mister and I and we hope to be back again next time soon; and not wait another decade (my last trip was back in 2013?!) LOL

Food onboard was not too shabby either, came with appetizers, fruits, warm bread roll, the main and even an ice cream (special Collab of mango pudding ice cream). Yums! The entertainment on board was using the older system so it wasn’t as good as the last round I feel? Fortunately it wasn’t too long a flight and I was throughoutly entertained by my two movies (Onward & Unanami) which I picked and we landed safely/smoothly back in Singapore that night.

Just like that, our trip to Taipei ends and it was has been a fantastic journey! Thanks for reading/following this blog, and I hope that you find it useful to plan YOUR travel trip / get inspired to visit Taiwan as well!

See ya for the usual blog post coming up tomorrow 🙂


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