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#MitsuekiTravels | 12D11N Taiwan Trip 2023 (Day 1): SATS Premier Lounge @ T3 x China Airlines x Taichung Bound x Hotel Maple Taiwan Boulevard – 12 Nov 2023

MitsuekiTravels 12D11N Taiwan Trip 2023 (Day 1) SATS Premier Lounge @ T3 x China Airlines x Taichung Bound x Hotel Maple Taiwan Boulevard - 12 Nov 2023

And this is it! Our long awaited Taiwan trip booked months beforehand~ We were all packed and ready to go as you can tell; spiffy with our cute luggage covers – One Piece for the mister and Rilakkuma for mine .. tho we had to swap luggages for it becos they didn’t fit hahaha! This man also surprised me with a pre flight gift of new passport covers and that was really sweet ❤️

The first thing to do is to check in for our flight onboard China Airlines. For some reason, we couldn’t do online check ins prior to the flight so it was back to the slightly old school/manual way of checking in at the counter. No issues here; just that you’ll need to factor in extra time to come to the airport early to do so. Also, discounted air tickets like ours only permits 1x 23 kg check in luggage and 1x 7kg carry on fyi.

After checking in, we were off to the nearest SATS lounge for our free lunch. Thanks also to the Mister’s credit card for these unlimited lounge visits to enjoy this privilege/free meals! Of course, don’t expect too much from the lounge especially for the T3 one. There are more lounging chairs here verus proper sit down tables which makes it slightly inconvenient if you’re having their iconic laksa. Luckily we managed to find a better table but there are very limited seatings around.

Also expect a small variety of food and drink choices; sufficient however to fill your stomach prior to your flight. If I recall correctly, the Marhaba lounge option is better (the SATS laksa however, is the best!). We also brought our own fruits to the lounge to enjoy and sat there for quite awhile doing our own stuff including setting up our esim, scheduling stuff etc before heading over to board our flight.

If I recall right, I have flown via China Airlines before (note this is a Taiwanese national carrier, not China despite its name) but nonetheless this is a good refresher. Check in to the flight was smooth and swift and we were boarded as per our zones; a very full flight I might say as it code shares with a number of airlines.

Going onboard, it’s basically your typical full service airline in a 3-3-3 seating (for economy) with entertainment screens, earpieces provided, blankets + pillows (provided upon request); and charging ports at the base of the seats. What was more impressive is the amount of legroom we enjoyed which is quite a rarity imo.

Meanwhile, the first meal served was a mixed nuts snack; and drinks options as we chilled and watched our shows. I would say that there are a number of the latest release movies and shows to watch so I was relatively pleased with the interface and etc; and occupied throughout the flight.

A proper in flight meal was served 1.5 hours before the flight landed with the option of chicken noodles or fish and potatoes. We both got one each and it was really not bad! Served with fruits, a warm bread roll, dessert, appetizer and a main + drinks option .. you can’t go wrong here at all!

We landed right on schedule with a relatively smooth flight throughout the 4 hours+ flight time from Singapore to Taipei. Time to go through immigration (tip: sign up for the e-gate on the spot to be able to use it for faster immigration procedure Vs queuing up!). We also went to try our luck at the Taiwan lucky draw and didn’t win 🙁 before purchasing our cute iPass for 100TWD (zero value).

Then it was onwards to Taichung! First, taking the Airport MRT to Taoyuan HSR and then taking the HSR to Taichung. Ticket reservations are recommended as the non reserved seat sections in the train can be pretty crowded. We missed out on the initial train cos it was so full 🙁 note that we bought the discounted HSR tickets 20% off on Klook (use my code, MITSUEKI5OFF for extra 5% off (min $100 spend)), but didn’t reserve them online as we weren’t sure what time we would be able to get through immigration.

Nonetheless, we made it onto the next train; albeit standing for the first two stops before getting a seat 🙂 Later, we got picked up by our driver from JOJO Wedding in a Mercedes-Benz (woah!) to head to our hotel, 楓華沐月台湾大道行館 Hotel Maple Taiwan Boulevard to check in for a night’s rest.

Two nights accommodation at Hotel Maple was Inclusive in our PWS package and we also extended for 2N at 1000 TWD (~S$45) each day in the Economy Standard room with daily breakfast. Overall, it’s quite a nice stay, clean rooms, comfy bed and a hot shower (just that it takes awhile to heat up). WiFi was slightly spotty to non existent in some parts of our room so we just used our own data (30GB) bought off Klook as well.

And that’s it for Day 1 of our trip! Mainly just traveling there in the first place hahahaha, time for bed and see you for day 2 tml~


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