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#OfficeDiaries: Shaobing Brunch x Trying Out Flips N Dips @ Paya Lebar Square (Muslim Friendly) – 8 Nov 2023

OfficeDiaries Shaobing Brunch x Trying Out Flips N Dips @ Paya Lebar Square (Muslim Friendly) - 8 Nov 2023

2 days to the long weekend; 4 days to our Taiwan trip, it’s getting more exciting and I can’t wait~

But first, work and a heavy brunch that filled me up all the way till dinner. Bought this from a random store at Chinatown Point .. thought it was not bad and relatively filling; albeit expensive at $5.50 for the portion. Essentially it’s a baked prawn and pork Chinese biscuit of sorts (shaobing).

It wasn’t as crispy as I thought it would be, however, the filling was generous with a good portion of meat inside! They also gave me a free spicy scallion pancake which tasted abit cold. Verdict.. may not return again as there are other cheaper options around the area for such shaobing.

Then back to the usual work stuff and knocking off before heading over to the newly opened Flips N Dips for a tasting dinner. This is a Muslim friendly store opened by two Singaporan friends located within the newly renovated Cantine food court at the basement of Paya Lebar Square.

The menu is very varied with over 40!! different options to choose, ranging from burgers, pastas, rice options and more at wallet friendly prices and generous portions. Their unique USP is a fusion of Malay-Western food hence expect a variety of Malay/Western style sauces and flavours in their food such as lemak chilli Padi, masek merah, chilli crab, nacho cheese, mentaiko, salted egg and more!

We ended up ordering 4 different main dishes to share between 4 people and the portion was good enough for us!

Full Crispy Spring Chicken – $13.90

Get your hands down and dirty with the crispy spring chicken. Portion was sizable and good for sharing (or for 1 very hungry person). It comes with fries, mantou and coleslaw by the side so yes you’ll definitely be super full! They also provide gloves for you to eat so you don’t need to get your hands dirty if you prefer. A dipping sauce is definitely required to add more flavour to the chicken so feel free to pick any of their sauces to go along with!

Flamo Beef Burger (Double) – $13.50 ($8.50 for single)

If the burger is more of your thing, you can go for their flamo Beef (Hamburg patties with tater tots)/chicken rendition or even their IG worthy volcano lava 3 cheese burger. All burgers come with a side of fries.

Beef Hamburg with Chilli Crab Pasta – $8.80

Our favourite dish of the night was the chilli crab pasta. They do the pastas here pretty well. The mister actually ordered the chicken chop with chilli crab pasta prior to this tasting (at his own expense) and was raving about it so that’s the dish I would recommend. We ordered the beef Hamburg version mainly so that we could try out different food items. (It goes well with the mushroom sauce) 🙂

Lemak Chilli Padi w Fried Dory – $8.50

Another one of our favourite dishes was the lemak chilli Padi with fried dory. Of all the dishes, I would say it’s one of the most value for money portion cos the dory piece is huge and the pasta is at the right portion. Be warned that this is a SPICY one as our tongues were set on fire with the lemak chilli Padi sauce coating the pasta .. it goes really well with the dory as well and not the most common dish that can be found. Try it and let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂

Overall, a good effort by these two young-gen food stall owners. Just expect some slight kinks for improvements as they are pretty new. I wouldnt mind coming back to try their rice dishes; while I know the mister will be back for his chicken chop chilli crab pasta in the future. All the best to them and thanks for having us 🙂

Meanwhile it’s time to head back home to chillax with the mister, opening my parcels, sorting out souvenirs from the wifey and her hubs and random stuff. Gnite and thanks always for reading!


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