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#WeekendsWithMitsueki: Sudden Bout of Spontaneity x Hui Wei Chilli Pan Mee x Black Gold MSW Durian Treat – 5 Nov 2023

WeekendsWithMitsueki Sudden Bout of Spontaneity x Hui Wei Chilli Pan Mee x Black Gold MSW Durian Treat - 5 Nov 2023

I think most of my friends would know me to be one of the least impromptu person they know. When I’ve a schedule, I usually tend to follow them .. for the most part. But sometimes, things don’t always go the way as planned leading to alot of pekchekness (on my part hahaha) and sometimes.. this also leads me to making impromptu decisions too.

Case in point – I didn’t expect to be meeting the wifey and her hubs again for a viewing session today when she jio-ed me last minute at 12. Somehow or another .. that happened and we all managed to meet up on time to view two of the units in her consideration list. It was nice la to be part of it; tho with a slight tinge of envy cos the locations were fantastic and the houses were HUGE compared to all the BTOs nowadays. I’m not a huge fan of moving out of the East city fringe area.. however, we will be in a few years time 🙁

Nonetheless, meetup 成功 and we were done in a jiffy! Now it’s up to her to make her final selection and I’m excited for her future home! Meanwhile, it’s time for lunch of this Michelin Bib Gourmand ban mee stall called Hui Wei Chilli Ban Mee! Naturally, please order their signature chilli ban mee as the store name implies. We went for the $7 option (小辣 – the least spicy option) to share between two of us, while the guys ordered sides to share of fried fish/prawn paste chicken alongside their respective mains. It was not bad with chewy handmade noodles made fresh on the spot and we enjoyed it! The fried fish was also delicious too, crispy and flaky on the inside, I had two huge pieces!

Following that, it was time to say our goodbyes as we had our respective plans after. In my case, it was back home to do some housework stuff before moving on to spending the rest of the day chilling, watching shows; and surprising the mister with a durian delivery of luxur Pahang Black Gold MSW durian! It wasn’t cheap at $95 for two boxes of 700g, delivery inclusive .. however it was such a decadent and delicious treat to satisfy my durian craving fix this season before our trip. Oh and then we had the suckling pig potato chips after that too.. #fatdieus indeed – I really need to watch my weight :(:(


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