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#WFHDiaries: Sending Love x AFTEA 2023 Site Visit x Trying KL Traditional Pan Mee x Seremban Kee Mei Siew Bao @ MacPherson – 1 Nov 2023

WFHDiaries Sending Love x AFTEA 2023 Site Visit x Trying KL Traditional Pan Mee x Seremban Kee Mei Siew Bao @ MacPherson - 1 Nov 2023

I gotta love WFH days, especially now when things just started. Again, it’s a slight privilege to be able to enjoy it depending on different company policies!

Anyways, this morning was spent sending love to my wifey as we exchanged virtual hearts as part of a joke (lol), plus brekkie + snacks along the way.

Headed out to buy groceries, lunch and other food for my mom. Oh and I found the newly launched durian MSW bun from Sunshine Bakeries as well! Bought this for the mister to try for his brekkie 🙂

Later in the afternoon, I popped by AFTEA for a off-site event visit; and to support the AFTEA team – the last B2B event that I would be attending this 2023 alongside the organizer badge. Was really nice to see all the familiar faces; in a way .. it kinda feels like I’ve never left. Lol, besides, it’s actually only just been two weeks since I’ve left the co?!

Time for a catch-up dinner with Giselle tonight at her highly raved about KL Traditional Chilli Pan Mee stall located at MacPherson area! Do note that it shares the same space as a mookata space so your hair / body is gonna come out smelling stinky (prepare for that!). We both went for their signature chilli pan mee and it came served pretty fast with a boiled egg, 2 meatballs, fried ikan bilis and garlic over noodles.

Note that the chilli is served separately; for you to take on your own at the condiments station. I’m not exactly sure how many levels of spices are there (should be 4..?). However I tasted the first two to add to my Noodles = no kick. You’ll need to add at least the 3rd or 4th for a slightly spicier kick imo. Tossing it today makes it super splurp worthy .. no wonder she would return to have it almost weekly!

Would recommend ordering their sides to share if you’re with a bigger group as the portions are quite big. Best of all .. they don’t charge GST nor service charge here .. hence a bill rounding up to less than $15 for 2 pax for 2 noodles + 1 Thai milk tea in air conditioning comfort. 🙂

Will be back here for sure; plus you can find the newly opened outlet of the famous Seremban Kee Mei Siew from Malaysia just down the road (less than 2-3 mins walk). We couldn’t resist and popped by to get their Siew bao for our family respectively. For now, there’s an ongoing promo of buy 8 get 1 free which is a good deal to share 🙂

Can’t wait to have this for brekkie tml. But first; back to the misters place for some cut fruits before enjoying some vlogs and videos up on YouTube. It’s been a great Wednesday overall; meanwhile the countdown begins to the weekend!


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