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#WeekendsWithMitsueki: 3D2N Staycay (Day 2): Le Levain Croissant and Hot Chocolate x Chill Afternoon x Paofan Paradise & Tian Wang MSW Desserts – 21 Oct 2023

WeekendsWithMitsueki 3D2N Staycay (Day 2) Le Levain Croissant and Hot Chocolate x Chill Afternoon x Paofan Paradise & Tian Wang MSW Desserts - 21 Oct 2023

The post birthday celebration continues on as the bestie requested to have brunch at the popular Le Levain bakery during our last day of staycay together. It’s a relatively small place with limited seats so prepare to go early to try to grab them if you plan to dine in 🙂

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We were quite lucky that we managed to get a seat indoors as the weather was rather unforgiving to be enjoying hot drinks outdoors. At the same time, if you failed to get seats for a brunch session here, you can hop opposite to The Lunar Rabbit that serves pretty much the same time of bakes and are relatively popular too!

However, this is what we were here for – their tiktok famous chocolat laude served in a teapot (good for 2 pax!) and getting their croissant to go with it for dipping purposes! Make sure you go for their plain croissant; though technically I suppose the French butter croissant would work as well. We also went for their classic Kouign-amann to try cos I love sweet stuff and this was one of their other highly recommended bakes (amongst others!). I did slightly regret it later on cos I had to eat most of it PLUS my plain croissant. Should have gone for something slightly more savoury instead hahhaa.

Beyond that, we also ordered a brunch plate of scrambled eggs, sourdough toast and avocado (note the portion of avocado was so little!?) 🙁 the eggs however were fantastic and I couldn’t resist indulging in regular bites lol.

More importantly, we were mainly here for the croissant and hot chocolate dip, and pretending a lil as if we were in France hahaa! It was nice, however the hot chocolate does get gelat after awhile even for a chocolate lover like me. Each teapot is enough for 3-4 servings (3/4 cups) / 2-2.5 servings (full cup)

An afternoon/evening of chilling awaited us after that as we headed back to our room to chill, relax, scroll our socials mindlessly (and send each other cute WhatsApp stickers). I guess this is the reality of adulting and friendship at its best when we didn’t have to talk/chat but enjoy each other’s company and I enjoyed it very much!

Then it was a quick workout session for me after I said my goodbyes to her and it’s time for a partner switch to the mister for the rest of our staycay together. Also, his latest pre-ordered game just arrived – Super Mario Bros Wonder and he was just ecstatic to be able to play it immediately!

Dinner then awaits after and we had an enjoyable one at Paofan Paradise by T.K Kitchen located at Jalan Besar, walking distance from our hotel! We had their chicken ginseng Paofan and white pepper pork stomach Paofan that came highly recommended and enjoyed it with no regrets, especially that fall off the bone chicken drumstick that was HUGE.

If there’s anything, I would say it got a lil salty at the end for the former and that there was so much rice that I couldn’t finish it on my own! We would be back again with more friends to try their other dishes 🙂

This is best finished off with a MSW dessert at Tian Wang located a stone’s throw away. Oh my full belly #fatdieme!


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