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#WeekendsWithMitsueki: 2D1N JB Getaway (Day 2) Homebound x Klook Travel Fest x BOWS Wedding Show – 15 Oct 2023

weekendswithmitsueki jb getaway bowx wedding x klook travel fest 2023

And here we have day 2 of our JB trip to date! Sleeping in late then checking out earlier for lunch at my usual Souper Tang before heading back to SG. The ideal timing to catch without the queue/jams from what I noticed is around 12-1.30pm because that’s lunch time and ppl tend to head back slightly after = queue.

But we avoided all of that despite a slightly long wait at Souper Tang where we made up with Starbucks and Auntie Anne’s pretzels instead cos we cancelled the order in the end (after a 50 min wait ..). Unfortunately despite all that, I’ll still likely return to eat there again in the future cos I really like their food lol!

Read more about our JB getaway here:

Nonetheless we were back in SG around 2pm or so, hopped onto a Grab back home before heading over to MBS for two events that we were interested to visit.

1) Klook Travel Fest 2023!

Think this is the first time they are holding a larger scale event such as this and it was done up quite well, appealing to millenials and genz with loads of photo spots around and fun game stations; alongside some tie up partnerships with brands such at oatside and the like. We were there to see if we could get any nice promo codes (unfortunately nothing useful for Us) and basically participate in some of the games and free stuff walking around with a free Polaroid picture, a hanbok dress up experience, $5 decathlon voucher, some AirAsia vouchers and a quick charging device.

2) BOWS Wedding Fair 2023

This is the second wedding fair we’ve attended together and like the last one (I think?). Would recommend doing your research in advance first before requesting to sign your package AT the fair if the vendor is there just for the extra lucky draw chance / wedding fair perks. Although another method is to just shop there cos usually they offer much better packages verus their usual day to day. If there’s anything I was tempted by; was the floral package going at 10% off if you sign at the fair .. but I wasn’t 100% sure yet, so I guess that will have to wait for abit.

The goodie bags are usually quite generous and free as well. Worth to go there for them to see (RSVP required). But honestly we were there to a) make our first deposit at our hotel venue b) hope for a chance to win back our deposit as a rebate as they usually host a lucky draw during the event! Generally this rebate draw will happen on the LAST day of the event and at closing time so you’ll have to hang around till late before that.

What we did was to head over for a celebratory dinner first at Sukiya before heading back in to claim our free gelato (with every purchase made during the fair) while waiting for the prize announcement.

Sadly, we won neither the lucky draw nor rebate but I’m quite happy to be there for the experience and be part of the crowd clapping for the lucky winners. Man, wish that could have been us but oh well! :p

Most importantly, another step done and $$ paid, we’re still aways to go in our wedding preps for 2024!


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