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#OfficeDiaries: Day 2 of World Food Fair 2023 x Highlights x Thankful – 29 Sept 2023

OfficeDiaries Day 2 of World Food Fair 2023 x Highlights x Thankful - 29 Sept 2023

Day 2 leggoo! And I can’t wait for it to be over tbh HAHAHA. Event life is tiring indeed. Just grateful for the people and my team around me before it’s totally not possible to manage everything just by yourself.

Some highlights for today and what I’m thankful for:

  • Brekkie from the team from one of our bosses~
  • Lost my wallet and fortunately managed to get it back thanks to the honesty of the cleaner and the fast response from the EMS team to contact me. Bonus ty to the mister for doing up a contact me card years ago and placing it in my wallet phew!
  • Thankful for the turn out and visitors support for Day 2 on a weekday~
  • Thankful to my colleague for some gifts, and helping to print out an urgent item for onsite purposes.
  • Thankful for other colleagues for popping by to visit, including Dax from the Comms team with some goodies for the team!
  • There were also some treats that my colleagues shared with the team and that was nice!
  • We also did our first livestream for this show tgt with dear Cat and luckily it was a good run:) Thankful to the exhibitors who generously gave us stuff too!
  • We also celebrated Mid Autumn Festival with the team with mooncakes galore (not pictured)~

And that’s pretty much summing up Day 2 of WFF 2023 🙂


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