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#WeekendsWithMitsueki: Regrets x That’s Life x Acceptance – 17 Sept 2023

WeekendsWithMitsueki Regrets x That's Life x Acceptance - 17 Sept 2023

Do you know how sometimes it seems as if you’ve totally made up your mind 100% .. and the next, you find yourself choosing something else and then regretting it?

Well, that’s the second time it has happened to me during my wedding journey, however this is slightly abit more impactful I guess?

And tadahh this is what happened – basically I signed a package on the spot at a bridal studio that I didn’t expect to do so. Essentially I visited them previously but wasn’t able to try on any gowns. Hence they extended an invitation for a trial fitting on Sunday and I was like eh, okay lor just try a few designs even though I had my heart set on The Gown Connoisseur where I pretty much said yes to a few dresses.

So imagine that you kinda formulated your march in / evening gown dresses in mind alrdy, looked at their MUA vendors, and kinda-ish decided on everything but yet out of the blue, suddenly that’s totally changed?!

Not just myself, but my bridesmaid squad was shocked too because they all knew I was gg ahead and put of the blue eh ladies hahahaha. Gawd, I think I slightly can’t get over it that’s why I’m still reeling over in shock to date.

Tbh it wasn’t an emotional or sudden sway but a slightly logical reason for signing up with them = they were VERY good at cutting the deal. Essentially they price matched and that kinda sealed the deal for me cos I was getting higher quality/more premium gowns for almost the same price.

The only downside is that I only got to try 3 gowns during my trial fitting and I did not try their sparkly/off shoulder gowns which is my ideal dream wedding gown unlike at TGC. So to be fair, maybe I might not have any regrets after all once I try them out at my final selection date this year.

Regrets – yes, only when I look back at my videos and photos wearing my dream dress at TGC. HOWEVER, I do have the confidence that this bridal studio will be able to offer me hopefully, an even better option.

P.s like I mentioned, this is my second regret. The first is my wedding band where I also said yes to a ring that wasn’t my original choice. Also slight regret on that one but I knew it was a better choice la hahahhaa.

And..I guess that’s life too.

Meanwhile, here’s the rest of my Sunday – the morning bounce class / snacks, food and the like for lunch along dinner and my favourite time spent with the mister.

Gnite and thanks for reading~


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