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#WeekendsWithMitsueki: Blessed 9/9 x Wedding Dates & Rings x Errands x #Kderellas Post Birthday Celebrations – 9 Sept 2023

WeekendsWithMitsueki Blessed 99 x Wedding Dates & Rings x Errands x #Kderellas Post Birthday Celebrations - 9 Sept 2023

Wow, 9 Sept 2023 will definitely be a date I will remember quite fondly as I look back yearly. Beyond being a really packed day ahead, it was about the mister posting on socials officially about our engagement/proposal and updating some of his profile pics to our couple photos – so yeah it may be kinda minor but this really made my day! 🙂

On this day as well, we also completed two major wedding related matters – the first being finally getting our wedding dates confirmed & even our wedding rings!

How? Let’s see .. we started off the morning earlier than usual by heading to Waterloo temple to get the dates. However, was met with the first roadblock that they dont offer these service! We were unfortunately given wrong information by one of the temple assistants when his mom called up 🙁

No matter, we made the best of it because in the end, I bumped into the wifey who was also around the vicinity and of cos we had to snap photos!! I also went to pray for a lot anyways since I heard this temple is quite ‘ling’ and not bad la, I was happy with the result to move forward.

Before heading to our next temple to get our dates – an early lunch and errands first! And lunch was at my absolute favourite Tracy Juice Culture at Fortune Centre for their delicious mushroom udon! Then we went to buy some vegetarian mooncakes for some of my family members / Dr Huang next week cos Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon!

Other errands followed including dropping by Le Cafe Confectionery to get their moonpies for some of my family as an alternative to mooncakes and then to the Balestier temple. Expect to wait for quite abit during the calculation – we only got two dates for the wedding and zodiacs to avoid. Unfortunately, we were not given any auspicious timings or other dates for the guodali etc as they mentioned to return again next year instead to ask. 🙁

Well, at least we have a confirmed date and we can go ahead with sourcing for our vendors for booking in advance and there’s alot to be done beforehand!

Next up, to my fam’s place to drop off some stuff and then to Poh Kim Jewellery to check out wedding bands. They are a renowned/recommended old school jewelry place located in an industrial estate, noted for their customisable options and affordable prices for all types of jewellery and many brides/friends have recommended them on the forums/in person. So yeah, cos we already knew the prices from JannPaul verus theirs – PLUS the fact that we just wanted to settle our rings … So we decided to just go ahead and pick the finalized ones.

I do have a slight regret picking them so early before comparing prices with other places eg SK or etc cos they have those 1 for 1 offers. Plus you CANNOT earn miles or points for this because they only accept PayLah. Beyond that, a slight regret is also not going for the original ring that I really really wanted .. and went for another thicker band instead too. Nonetheless, it’s all done and dusted. We just have to wait around 2 months for the rings to be completed and we are good to go.

P.s for reference the estimated amount is $750+/- each for his and my ring. Total – $1.5k nett.

Oh yes on this day as well, the mister plucked out a white hair from my head (oh no..age is catching up :() and gifted me this wonderful mirror / decor set which I’ll definitely be using for our wedding reception table. Also, this had his blood and sweat on it because he cut his hand accidentally on the mirror and a slight burn from using the hot glue 🙁 So yes.. definitely something to be cherished cos of all the work he has put into it..I’m blessed indeed..

Another blessed moment today = heading over to the #Kderellas gathering and it’s a post birthday celebration with a pizza, chicken drumlets and ice cream party for us all + the kids! Thank you to my wonderful friends and this group for always keeping me in their thoughts and maintaining our friendship after so many years..from colleagues to friends through our life journey together, it’s really not the easier and I’m very thankful to have them in my life 🙂


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