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#WeekendsWithMitsueki: Lunch Treat at The Masses x Bqueens Wedding x Wedding Venues Site Recce x Dinner Plans x The Hunt for Wedding Shoes – 2 Sept 2023

WeekendsWithMitsueki Lunch Treat at The Masses x Bqueens Wedding x Wedding Venues Site Recce x Dinner Plans x The Hunt for Wedding Shoes - 2 Sept 2023

Phew to say that today is a whirlwind day packed full of errands and things is mouthful because it really was! In the morning I was doing my usual stuff, cleaning up the house, color proofing stuff for work related stuff and last min dropping a text to a bridal studio for an appointment. I guess somehow things all just worked out well and we were all ready to go for a packed day out!

First up, a post birthday lunch treat with the double dating group at The Masses for a nice meal! We started it off with a bread starter of sourdough with unami butter ($4.90 for 2 pieces) before proceeding with all our mains which we requested to be served all at the same time.

And these are the mains that we shared! Note that the portions are not the biggest but I feel it was sufficient to keep us full for a not too heavy meal. Also, The Masses do change up their menu frequently so some of these dishes ordered may not be available, unless it’s one of their classic ones.

  • C&C&C&C Pasta: one of their classic pastas. It’s okay where I only had a few bites cos we were sharing the main for $25.90. Tbh, did not stand out to me as much. Note also that it’s a cold pasta dish.
  • Truffle Pomme Frites: Also translated to be one of the more expensive fries I’ve eaten coming in at $24.90. However, you do get a large portion of fries with real truffle shavings and cheese with crispy thin cut fries so I guess the amount paid is worth the price tag. Still, a pretty expensive side.
  • Waffle & Duck Confit: The duck was pretty good, waffle ok. This is $23.90
  • 24 hours braised beef cheeks masala and appam: This was my favourite out of the lot. The beef cheeks were absolutely soft and tender and that sauce was divine! I would prefer to have eaten it with rice instead of appam tgt with the sauce cos it tastes super good! Howver, this dish is also quite expensive coming in at $49.90 (sharing for 2 pax)
  • Milo Dinosaur Eton Mess: This was a surprise dessert that they got for me as a birthday thing complete with candles and of course the group singing the birthday song!

Overall, it was still a pretty good experience as I finally got to tick this off my to try list after so long! Some dishes were more outstanding compared to the others and there was a unique take on french/Indian/local cuisine that you can’t find elsewhere. Of course it does come with a slightly pricey price tag but a treat here once in awhile is alright. Most importantly, it was with the company that matters! Thanks for the lunch treat 🙂

Moving on, we headed to Novena area where the bridal studio, Bqueens was at. Was really fortunate to be able to secure a slot on the day itself so that was a huge bonus! We were served by Felicia and brought to this beautiful changing room where I could pick my gowns.

Of course, upfront they do show you the package prices which are in NETT and honestly are not too bad. I would say that you can still negotiate for a better deal on the spot because we were offered a few top ups for free if we signed it on the day itself. The hardsell is not very bad, so you don’t feel pressured or obliged at all and I really enjoyed the gown trying experience here.

Be also open to trying out new styles that they recommend verus the style that you like because sometimes it might surprise you. Like in this case, I knew that my preferred style is A-line/ballgown and off shoulders, however I was also recommended to try the mermaid cut and it came out not too bad either!

In total, you’ll be able to try a maximum of 5 dresses in this complimentary fitting with a one hour timeslot given. Just try to keep to that cos we overran by 20 mins even though I only tried 4 dresses, and Felicia was so nice to actually allow us to do so (we didn’t even notice the time!). I guess for first timers, you will be taking so many photos etc that you won’t realize. Also, they also loaned the mister a suit so we could take photos to see how we looked tgt and we had some great ones!

As a whole, this was a fantastic first time experience at Bqueens as I begin my hunt for my bridal gown/evening gown! They are definitely on my consideration list 🙂

Moving on, I can’t believe we managed to squeeze in a site visit to SEVEN venues after that. Also mainly because most of them were located within the same vicinity, either Orchard or Havelock area. These fit our budget (or slightly over) from my original shortlisted 16 > 8 (I missed out on 1!) > 4 and now all I need are my confirmed dates before meeting the coordinators officially!

Note that we visited without appointments just to see the place so this means that you MAY not be able to see the ballrooms etc if they are locked. We were fortunate out of the 7 we visited, 6 were either holding events, or we managed to get the banquet manager or doors were unlocked so I could at least have a sneak peek of the feel of the place.

The most important part of this site recce is to take note of these points: carpark size, accessibility (to public transportation), first impressions of hotel lobby/hotel facade itself, actual ballroom, set up (if we can see), wheelchair/staircase/lift/escalator access around the ballroom, the toilets etc, reception area, etc. This helps to narrow down your choice alot as I removed a number of venues off my list after the initial visit.

Finally after a long day out, it’s time for dinner at TamJai SamGor over at Suntec City! The mister treated all of us to dinner and that was a nice gesture because the double dating couple have been following us around the entire day on this venture hahaha. Of course before that, it’s also courtesy to check in first if they are ok to do so before you plan such a packed itinerary beforehand!

Separately, I also dropped by COMEX to support the Tech Show team who were working hard over the weekend for their event! And the last stop after all that was to visit DMK/Prettyfit and a couple of shoe shops along the way to hunt for a pair of comfy bridal shoes! Shortlisted a few but will keep hunting till I find the right one before my PWS!

Loads to do, so little time so it was a very fruitful day for us today 🙂


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