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#MitsuekiTravels | 11D10N Brisbane-Gold Coast Travelogue (Day 11): Goodbyes x Homebound – 20 Aug 2023

MitsuekiTravels 11D10N Brisbane-Gold Coast Travelogue (Day 11) Goodbyes x Homebound - 20 Aug 2023

Time flies pretty quickly when you’re having so much fun, though I’ll say that the pace for this particular trip is actually pretty easygoing where we weren’t rushing off all over the place. We had plenty of sleep, except for the first and the last day (today) where we mainly slept between 9-11pm (latest) and woke up around 6-730am daily.

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Very healthy for catching up on all the sleep debt; and also because there’s really nothing much to do after 6pm in Aussie cos most of the shops and attractions close by 4-5pm – except for food stuff.

Anyway it’s back to reality from today where we had to catch a 920am flight back home this morning .. which means getting up at 530am cos we had to first fill up the tank / and drop off the rental car before heading to the airport.

Here’s saying all our final goodbyes to the wonderful people (his family) who have made this trip so special, mainly his youngest niece and dad who was up early for her feeding time. We alrdy said our byes to his sis/Bil and niece last night before they went to bed, she even came down to our room to say goodbye + give us a hug :’)

Also, I said goodbye to my beautiful bouquet, one I’ll forever have in my memories cos I can’t bring it home.. we’re leaving it here in Australia with his family where the mister actually brought a vase from SG to place it at their place. I did however, pluck a rose to keep for memorial purposes. My first ever bouquet from the mister and it was at my proposal 🙂

Off the petrol kiosk we go first (yay free coffee with every pump!) then to the car rental place, a lil off the airport (15 mins drive) where we dropped off the car to hop onto the free shuttle to the airport. Try to factor in more time cos the estimated wait time for the shuttle bus is between 15-45 mins depending on traffic and becos they shuttle between the domestic and international terminal as well. You may also not be able to get onboard if there are too many people with their luggages so you’ve been warned! Alternatively, there’s always an option of calling for an Uber (approx 15-22 AUD, and a wait time of around 15 mins+ too!)

Due to the longer waiting time, we couldn’t enjoy the usual facilities at the airport lounge to head straight for the gates instead. All onboard our SQ Flight for a 7 hour flight back to Singapore! Day flights are the best to really utilize all the amenities and entertainment they have onboard and the free unlimited WiFi is such a godsend!

Hope all airlines will start offering this because surfing the net online during the flight makes time past by so quickly! Food was alright, a lil carb heavy and filling. Not forgetting the free ice cream with your meal (lunch/dinner only!) yums. This was also a pretty smooth flight and I had a great experience onboard our favourite national carrier, Signapore Airlines!

And we’re home 🙁 Back to the not so fun part of unpacking everything, loading up the wash, sorting out of souvenirs and all the barang barang we bought respectively before I headed over to his place for dinner, anime catch up and erm, my last indulgence before I take my weight tml. Good luck to us hahahhahaha.

Overall, a fantastic trip where I never expected to go as a single and come back engaged! The next step .. planning for many more new life moments, our wedding next 🙂

Thanks always for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed this Brisbane – Gold Coast Travelogue! May you find it useful in your trips there 🙂


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