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#MitsuekiTravels | 11D10N Brisbane-Gold Coast Travelogue (Day 10): Family Brunch x Mt Coo-tha Hiking x DFO Brisbane x Surprise Proposal x Steakhouse Dinner – 19 Aug 2023

MitsuekiTravels 11D10N Brisbane-Gold Coast Travelogue (Day 10) Family Brunch x Mt Coo-tha Hiking x DFO Brisbane x Surprise Proposal x Steakhouse Dinner - 19 Aug 2023

Today is our final day in Brisbane/Australia in general and we had a pretty chill day planned starting off with a family brunch session at the Mt Cootha Summit Cafe!

For once, the little one and his dad was going out together as a whole group during this period, a rare sight cos it’s hard to juggle bringing young kids out at this moment so this was specially meaningful that everyone made time for this brunch 🙂

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Advance reservations at the café recommended as it can crowded during the peak times especially over the weekends. We were there at 930am and I thought this was a good time to start off the day with a nice hearty brekkie. As always, expect Aussie cafe prices ranging between AUD $18-28 per person where we had a mixture of big breakfasts, muffins, pies and drinks for everyone.

Now time to frolic a little in the sun cos it was FREEZING at the summit so this is when you actually wanna bask there in whatever heat you can enjoy lol. At the same time, you can consider pairing a trek/hike at the multiple trek points at Mt Coot-tha to kill off some calories like what we did! We ended up going on the Spotted Gum Trail and leads to the Botanic Gardens – a relatively easy hike on foot for around 30-40 mins going downwards the mountain. From there, expect to take another 30-40 mins to stroll through the gardens to get to the visitor centre.

In our case, this is when we split into two groups – the former to hike back UPWARDS to get the car at the summit; while the latter group would stroll to the visitor centre and see all the flowers and fauna along the way.

Obviously guess which group I joined hahaha!

P.s if you thought the latter appeals to me more = I DISAGREE! I went for the hike up and my thighs almost died halfway lol. Slight regret but not really as well cos I wanted to incorporate more workouts during this trip to offset everything I’ve been eating as I’m pretty petrified to step on the scales when I get home from tml onwards..

From there we parted ways once again, this time with his dad, myself and the mister in tow to head to Sunnybank for respective reasons – his dad (grocery shopping), and for the mister (for his abalone flavored macadamia nuts). This particular market place is really catered for the Asian community in Brisbane cos most of the shops are opened/run by Asians and when that happened .. you know you’ll generally be getting more bang for your buck compared to other places. Nonetheless do your math and compare prices beforehand as not everything is cheaper here.

After which, time for a quick lunch at Red Rooster, my first time trying this Aussie brand and it’s quite delicious! Later, we dropped off his dad with his loots back home while we headed to DFO as our next stop to kill time and walk around / do the final shopping stuff before our flight back tml morning and our dinner later.

What wasn’t expected as we made our way to our dinner place was the surprise proposal the mister arranged that day in cahoots with his family! So yeah, I came here as a single, and going home as engaged hahhaa. More importantly, am thankful for his family and of cos, the mister for making the effort to plan and surprise me tonight. Naturally, I also said yes la hahaha. 🙂

The dinner plans WERE real in the end btw, at Fiasco’s Steakhouse located at Morrisons Hotel that his sister’s colleague recommended. So that’s what we all enjoyed on this final day, the last feast before diet begins come Monday! The steak cut here was not too bad, however I think the fries, and potato skin / sides stole the show imo. Would return for their other mains (pizza, chicken Parma etc) which looks fantastic! The only downside is the slightly long wait time for the food hence the grumpy face of a very hangry little girl pictured lol!

And that’s it for this rather memorable day – 1908 in Brisbane where I finally said yes 🙂


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