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#MitsuekiTravels | 11D10N Brisbane-Gold Coast Travelogue (Day 8): Warner Bros Movie World x Emerald Lake Markets – 17 Aug 2023

MitsuekiTravels 11D10N Brisbane-Gold Coast Travelogue (Day 8) Warner Bros Movie World x Emerald Lake Markets - 17 Aug 2023

Hello and good morning on Day 8 of this Gold Coast leg in this trip! Came down with the beginnings of a sore throat the day before it developed into a flu bug so the mister quickly popped by the pharmacy to get me a cold + flu medication and sweetly prepared brekkie for both of us. Yay to warm soup on a cold day paired with bread and some strawberries 🙂

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I felt much better after taking the medication and we were off for a full day of fun at Warner Bros theme park! Just a note that everything closes early in Aussie so it closes at 5pm and opens at 930am with rides only operating from 10am onwards. Do also check the maintenance schedule in advance as your favourite rides might not be open for the day. However, I’ll say that it’s a pretty small park with not that many rides (similar to USS?) so don’t go with too high expectations of this theme park.

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Nonetheless, my recommendation is to download the free Village Park apps to take note of the show timings in advance to see all the different character appearances throughout the day in the park. You can also book a virtual queue ticket for most of the rides (and view the estimated waiting time as well).

So here we were all the main street and off to catch the Hollywood Stunt Driver show that happens twice a day at 11am and 1.50pm. It’s definitely one of the key attractions here so try to make some time to catch either show’s timing if you can 🙂

We also caught a few character performances if you’d like to call them – a short 2-3 mins skit featuring your favourite titular characters such as Joker/Batman/Robin/Harley Quin, Catwoman, Wonder Woman and a mini parade. Walking around the park especially at the main street will also net you some photo times with other characters including Scooby Doo & Shaggy, Superman to name a few.

Food options are slightly limited but sufficient for a full day out. No Asian food but a variety of burgers, buns, sandwiches tacos, and the like. We went for our first beef tacos here and they were pretty delicious!

Now for the rides – I would say most of the rides here are catered for adults and older kids as there are more thrill rides compared to any others (unless you count the super kiddy rides, not referring to mild rides). As a thrill seeker for the mister, this was okay, but for a non thrill seeker, I think I only sat on 3 rides at the max cos I was too afraid to sit on everything else. So what he did was to take the single rider for the rides and I did the mom thing of taking care of the bags + watching out for his turn to snap photos.

I think of all the rides, he only rated one of them a solid 8/10 while it was meh for the rest of ’em. The waiting time isn’t too bad for a weekday too, around 15-20 mins for some rides with and/or without the virtual queue. For the latter it might be up to 45 mins wait max.

Btw try to stay on for the parade that happens pretty early at 3.30pm+ as the final show to end off the event. Yeah it’s pretty early compared to every other theme park in general as it closes at 5! It’s not a huge one however sufficient to see all your favourite characters in their cars/floats down the main street – Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Sylvester, Scooby & Shaggy, Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Batman, Superman, Justice League characters and more. Basically everyone if you can spot them around the park or you can see them all here at a go. It goes one round the main street so you can’t miss them from different angles.

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To end off the night, our final stop was to visit Emerald Lake Markets, a rare night market open during a Thursday night operating from 3-7pm. It’s a short drive away from WB theme park, I reckon around 20 mins? Located at this super atas and chio residential area in Gold Coast, this is a small market selling a variety of international cooked food and some goodies/frozen items, around less then 20 vendors!

Though it may be small, however the selection was enough for us to feel spoiled for choice to have dinner here. There’s Greek, Thai, Indian, Western, Asian/Chinese, Philippines and many more all in one area! In the end, we went for a butter chicken with basmati rice for myself and the mister had a freshly baked pizza while we snacked on smoked almonds and enjoyed the atmosphere of this charming area with a soprano/singer entertaining us at the town square 🙂

Okok we had one final stop to Woolworths opposite our apartment that night to get some water and I pretty much fulfilled most of my souvenir loots for my friends and colleagues at a go here. Now..it’s time to pack up as we will be prepping to say goodbye to Gold Coast and this lovely apartment tomorrow as this leg of the journey comes to an end 🙁

Where will we be off to next? Well, stay tuned to tomorrow’s post to find out more!

Thanks always for reading 🙂


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