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#MitsuekiTravels | 11D10N Brisbane-Gold Coast Travelogue (Day 4): Fam Day Out at Ekka 2023 – 13 Aug 2023

MitsuekiTravels 11D10N Brisbane-Gold Coast Travelogue (Day 4) Fam Day Out at Ekka 2023 - 13 Aug 2023

It’s almost impossible to capture all that we experienced in a single photo/multiple photos or a post but I’ll do what I can to share a sneak peek of all the fun stuff that took place during our fam trip out at Ekka 2023 during our Brisbane trip! Was super happy that our trip dates coincided with the dates so that we could experience one of Brisbane’s most major annual event that even has a Public Holiday dedicated to it!

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Here we were in the morning all excited as we headed over to Ekka! Taking public transportation is recommended, or if you’re like us – you can get a free lift from the Mister’s BIL as only his sis and niece would be joining us for today! Our first stop once we reached was to grab hold of the map and head onwards in to the Education Pavilion to start off.

We moved on next to catch the Horsing Around show where we saw some show horses and how they were trained. We even got to pat them after it ended! Lunch followed after and of course we had ribs, steak, sausages and the like – many were award winning cattle so you know you’re getting pretty decent quality meats here.

The Woolsworth pavilion was nearby so we went over to have a look-see and also to pick up 2 cheese toastie for $3, while his niece had a chocolate filled M&Ms donut. Was also using this opportunity to check out a food exhibition in other countries just to compare the difference my own food shows to this and mm, actually it’s not too different after all; albeit with a different demographic.

More animal and animal pavilions followed, including the big animal pavilions, a dog pavilion and cat pavilion where we saw sheep being sheared, patted goats, dogs, watched a cat judging competition, other big cattle, chickens and birds to name a few.

Of course it’s not all just agricultural, animals and stuff, there are loads of carnival games, kids + adult rides all around. Not forgetting the popular choices amongst kids – fairy floss (aka cotton candy), icy smoothies, Ekka’s famous strawberry ice cream, plus the showbag pavilion showcasing hundreds of different types of showbags available at the show! We went for a couple of rides, either tag team or as a group because prices were quite expensive tbh, around $15-20 per person to take a ride. However, it’s for the fun la, so just enjoy and have a good time 🙂

One of the highlights during Ekka was also the hottest where we were queuing under the BLAZING scorching sun (so much for winter weather..) to enter the Animal Nursery, one of the most popular places to visit when you’re at Ekka. Why ah..

Cos this is the place where you can find all sorts of adorable baby animals – think puppies, chicks, baby ducks, calfs, baby sheep, piglets, baby llamas and more! You can also pay to buy some animal feed for the sheep/goats around the barn plus the chance to pat and or cradle some cute animals. Essentially..there are plenty of awwww moments for the whole family!

Spending a full day here at Ekka is not impossible as there’s just so much to do, and eat here. For dinner, we packed up a variety of food from Mexican tacos, Dagwood dog, American hot dogs and Japanese sushi as we headed to the grandstand early to get some seats to catch the highly anticipated EkkaNITES, which is an hour+ show finale to end off Ekka every single night when it’s running. But first, selfies all around before we dug in!

And it begins – a jam packed non stop action programme lined up for the night for everyone to watch! Starting off with a horse chariot race, followed by an Aussie cowboy v Texas cowboy showdown, motorcycle chariot race, motor cars drifting / face off, circus acts, death defying motorcycle stunts and ending off with a spectacular fireworks session to close off the night. We really enjoyed this day out at Ekka and would highly recommend to add this into your itinerary in Brisbane if the dates fall during your travel dates as this is a sight you’ll not be able to experience in Singapore!

Meanwhile what’s gonna happen tomorrow? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out in tml’s post coming to you at 12.28pm! Thanks for reading 🙂


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