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#MitsuekiTravels | 11D10N Brisbane-Gold Coast Travelogue (Day 2): Betty’s Burgers x Day Out at Brisbane CBD x Fortitude Valley – 11 Aug 2023

MitsuekiTravels 11D10N Brisbane-Gold Coast Travelogue (Day 2) Betty's Burgers x Day Out at Brisbane CBD x Fortitude Valley - 11 Aug 2023

Good morning Brisbane! We had a great rest the night before, paying off loads of slept debt over the last few nights. Like literally, I reckon we slept at around 1030pm (830pm SG time) and woke up around 8am+, a whopping 9-10 hour+ of sleep! It was a really cold night that day so I pretty much nua-ed in bed all the way till it was time to leave. That’s the beauty of a rather chill vacation I suppose hahaha!

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Our first stop of the day was to get an early lunch at Betty’s Burgers which is a burger joint that exploded in popularity recently and you can find them in most of the Aussie states I believe. The outlet we visited was at Indooroopilly because of the free 3 hours parking which gives us sufficient time to eat and shop without paying too much of parking charges which can get pretty expensive here in Brisbane.

We ordered their basic beef burgers each, shared two sides of fries and onion rings as well as a chocolate peanut butter concrete/milkshake and that cost us a whopping $46 AUD for two pax. Not cheap, similar to Shake Shack prices.

However, it was worth it because the burgers were as GOOD as they were hyped up to be. In fact, the mister took a double take on his first bite which goes to show how impressed he was right from the start hahaha. I think because the entire burger works and the ratio is great from the burger patty to the sauces, the ingredients inside and the fact that they also crisped up the buns nicely so every bite was nice and crispy. Delicious.

The fries were also not too shabby, while I liked the onion rings; though the mister thought they were a little too nua for his liking..and we both agreed that the batter was great! For the milkshake/concrete..it was really thick and you can taste the super dense chocolate X peanut butter combo, just know it’s 3000+kcals if you finish just the milkshake alone. Crazy, but delicious all the same. Would recommend sharing or it will get too gelat imo.

Not pictured on this day – we went shopping for things that I forgot to bring along, including my comb, hair tie and an extra leggings cos I didn’t expect it to be freezing AF at night during this period. The recommendation is always to get them from Kmart cos that’s the cheapest, or Daiso, albeit at AUD 3.30 each instead of the S$2.14 we are used to paying.

The rest of the day was spent figuring out the Brisbane CBD parking charges..which we finally did. The tip is to find those that ends at 5pm, and not 7pm because the rest of the hours parked after that is free! Use the online parking tool and search for street parking to save yourself some moolah as parking here is not cheap. We ended up parking at Kangaroo Point nearby Story Bridge as it fits the itinerary the best; plus the price too heh.

Next up, hopping onto the City Hopper to cross to the opposite side. This, we had to pay using our Go card which we fortunately topped up for. There are also some free rides, but you have to check for the exact timings that they come at. So we took that further down to South Quay to drop off closer to the CBD area. Expect the waiting time to be around 8-15 mins each trip, and that not everyone may get the opportunity to get onboard as they have passenger limitations for safety reasons.

Nonetheless, we made it and took this time to explore where we wanted to see/go including the Brisbane City Hall Clock, Queen Street Mall, and popping by Gelatissimo for some gelato while admiring the city views.

From there, we strolled towards the other side where you can the iconic Brisbane sign for touristy photos and more great views of the city from the other side of the river bank.

This of course includes the Brisbane ferris wheel, famous Streets Beach and iconic shots all around. I especially appreciated the free water dispenser located at the park area so we could fill up our water / take a drink. Oh and we also managed to catch The Collective Markets, that are only open on certain days for a nice stroll to view all the vendors and their wares.

Night falls pretty early in Brisbane with the sunset happening around 530pm or so. This means being able to catch the night views of Brisbane city/CBD as we strolled around. Then we took a bus down to Fortitude Valley cos it was faster instead of walking – for dinner as the mister was hungry. That ended up to be Japanese ramen cos I had a hankering for something soupy beyond the usual burgers, fries, bread stuff. Super Asian I know but eating too much of fried stuff etc is heaty y’know!

We ended up strolling from Fortitude Valley to Story Bridge, easily a 1KM+ route back to the car to kill off some calories and enjoy the beautiful temperature. Yeah I can totally tell why Brisbane is a popular place for people to settle down.

Onwards back home to his sis place for some fruits, some talk as we discussed about tmls Itinerary and we were off to bed early once again for a good night’s sleep.

Gnite and thanks always for reading! Stay tuned to Day 3 coming up real soon 🙂


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