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Public Holidays with Mitsueki: Happy Birthday Singapore x Pre-Trip Packing – 9 Aug 2023

pre packing brisbane gold coast trip 2023

Happy birthday Singapore! And also an advanced happy birthday to myself cos the mister came over in the morning to surprise me with an advanced birthday present that arrived in time just before our trip! Feel super blessed to have everything new .. a new luggage bag, now a new backpack with a brand new Rilakkuma keychain to go along with hahaa. He also bought my fave peanut butter min jiang kueh (pancake) and that was yummy too!

It was pretty chill for the rest of the day, just little bites all around, fruits, running out to get some errands done, squeezing in a workout, viewing NDP fireworks, the final packs and tadaah we were all ready to go!

Lol we went with a luggage weight of 49.9kg, just barely sliding through to make it past the 50kg weight limit (25kg x 2 for SQ). All checked in, and time for a sit down and chill session at the SATS Premier Lounge located at T3! This is our first time here and I thought it was quite a small, but cozy lounge. Good for small bites, fruits and overall a comfortable place to be able to sit, chill and work on a few stuff before the flight that night.

Here we were onboard our SQ Flight! Managed to snag it at a relatively good price of $777 for the ticket as the usual tickets to Brisbane are usually more expensive. Generally most people will fly into Gold Coast via budget airlines cos it’s cheaper, before driving an hour from the airport to Brissy as they are located relatively close to each other within the same state.

Of course it’s great to be able to enjoy the perks and comforts of a full fledged flight because you can all the fun stuff, from the pillow, blanket, in flight entertainment, amenities kit (available upon request only) and of course, meals Onboard. In our case, we had a refreshment that were distributed after the plane took off – a piping hot stone oven baked pizza (cheese pizza). Though of cos .. eating it as a supper thing at 1am+ isn’t the best for the waistline..

Just wish me luck in being able to catch a few winks of sleep onboard cos I’m just not good with sleeping on the plane. More importantly..no turbulence please!!! 🙁


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