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#WeekendsWithMitsueki: Omakase Lunch at Douraku Sushi @ D’Arena Jurong x Barbie Movie x Black Thorn MSW Durian – 5 Aug 2023

WeekendsWithMitsueki Omakase Lunch at Douraku Sushi @ D'Arena Jurong x Barbie Movie x Black Thorn MSW Durian - 5 Aug 2023

Good morning Saturday! Woke up relatively early but still had a good sleep (7+ plus) before a quick workout session / light brekkie of banana and yakault before heading out for a late lunch later.

Was eagerly looking forward to lunch cos it was at Douraku Sushi all the way at D’Arena at Jurong East! This marks our second visit and knowing that Chef Fong is at the helm again makes me pretty excited to see if there are any dishes that would be different from the last round.

Douraku Sushi is a small omakase style Japanese counter restaurant sharing the same space at Tung Lok Restaurant and can be found at three outlets, D’Arena, Park Regis Hotel and their latest opening at Gardens by the Bay. Despite all that, prices are relatively affordable for their omakase starting at $68++ per pax for lunch and $88++ per pax for dinner, including a free 150ml sake.

In our case, this was the $88++ version that was presented to us, but note that the dishes will vary daily as it is highly dependent on what ingredients are available/in season and of course, the chef because you just have to leave it up to him to serve you accordingly. Trust me though, you’ll definitely be satisfied with what Chef Fong has in store for you!

Here’s sharing a few snippets of what we enjoyed include seared tuna, century egg, crab balls and USA Pacific oyster to start off with. Followed by other premium sashimi cuts from Japan, Canada and more such as Hokkaido scallop, Nagasaki ootoro, Canadian prawn, Japanese uni, Kagoshima A4 wagyu, foie gras truffle chawamushi and more.

What I really like about the omakase is that there are a variety of options to enjoy from cooked to sashimi style, to sushi and carbs before ending off with a nice and refreshing dessert. Not to mention all the freshest and top notch premium ingredients used in the creation of all your dishes with a creative flair.

Thanks Chef Fong for having us that afternoon! Would highly recommend this omakase as well due to the value for money price point and the overall experience you can get. Don’t forget to cater extra time (at least 1.5-2 hours) for such a meal as this isn’t a fast service lunch/dinner for sure 🙂

Now here’s ending off the night with the next item on our itinerary, watching the newly launched Barbie movie and this wonderful man for treating me to a box of black thorn MSW. Feel super blessed (and fat lol), so much rich food in a day – I gotta make sure I work out more this week!!


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