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#OfficeDiaries: Belated Birthday Dinner at Ben’s Kitchen @ Tanjong Katong – 26 July 2023

OfficeDiaries Belated Birthday Dinner at Ben's Kitchen @ Tanjong Katong - 26 July 2023

Birthdays to me are always an occasion for me to be celebrated, especially for the closer circle around my life! This means either a cake and/or present, like in this case – a belated birthday cake that I got for the Mister’s mom, and a shared belated birthday present for another colleague!

We also celebrated his mom’s birthday at the newly opened Ben’s Kitchen / Ben’s Tavern (?) at Tanjong Katong Road touted to sell comfort Indonesian-Chinese food. The menu itself looks more Balinese imo with babi guling as their signature offering. However, they also serve quite a number of other Indonesian style food such as bakmi, sate, pangpang and more.

It started off with a rich and deeply intense iced choco coffee for the mister and a lighter lime juice for his mom.

Before all the other dishes arrived – nasi campur with babi guling for the misters mom and myself, bakmi special for the mister, and we shared clams, Indonesian sate and okra as our side dishes. All of these comes accompanied with the typical Indonesian chilli and sauces that the misters mom really enjoyed as she missed all these flavours being away from SG and ID for the last couple of months.

Just glad that she enjoyed her belated birthday meal and I’m thankful to the friendly staff here at Ben’s Kitchen / Ben’s Tavern for being very accommodating to serve the cake as a surprise dessert with a lit candle and play the birthday song over the sound system – we are really appreciative:)

We’ll definitely be back!

In the meanwhile, it’s time for us to head back home first to chillax for the rest of the night over the season finale of Secret Invasion over some fruits, and she also gifted me a box of her homemade tapioca cake. Thank you!!

I’m a very blessed girl indeed <3


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