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#OfficeDiaries: Post-Birthday Dinner Celebration @ Nox Dine In The Dark – 14 July 2023

OfficeDiaries Post-Birthday Dinner Celebration Nox Dine In The Dark - 14 July 2023

Fridays are the best to be in office during the less peak period of my event timeline cos this means knocking off early at 530pm! In this case especially, I was excited cos I had dinner plans that night that I’ve been looking forward to for awhile now!

But first, light meals all the way – leftover onigiri egg-spam sandwich and fruits before heading off!

Welcome to our dinner place for the night = Nox Dine In the Dark at Club Street! However before that, we passed by my favourite bakery, Tong Heng Egg Tarts along the way and popped by to grab hold of some egg tarts and traditional pastries cos I can never resist not getting them!

Okay now really, welcome to our dinner place! Reservations in advance are recommended and feel free to share with them if you have any dietary requirements or restrictions because you don’t get to know your menu or see what you’re actually eating till after the experience is over. Like in my case, my dining companion couldn’t take beef so this has to be informed in advance (even on the day itself is fine).

Your dining in the dark experience begins with being seated at the main bar area which is tastefully furnished before being served with a complimentary amuse bouche to start off. This was is also where I passed the birthday girl her (belated) present while she passed me her some souvenirs from her recent trip to Hokkaido!

Moving on, we kept our bags, phones and valuables in the locker as no light emitting devices are allowed in the dining room for obvious reasons (it will spoil the entire environment). This includes glow in the dark stuff etc as much as possible too as the room is pitch black.

We were all led up to the dining area in small batches by a dedicated server to each table and guided to sit, feel our utensils and wait for our meals to be served. This is really great for conversations to begin becos you can’t look at your phone or have any further distractions beyond your dining companion, albeit in the dark la.

What’s next: Expect 3 courses of 4 dishes each eaten from a clockwise direction starting from your 6pm, to 9pm, 12pm and then 3pm featuring a set of 4 appetizers (eaten using a fork) / followed by 4 mains (eaten using a spoon) / before rounding off with 4 desserts (eaten using a dessert spoon). I won’t spoil too much on what we ate exactly but you can drop me a DM on IG or an email if you want to know exactly what we ate.

Not to worry, they are all small portions, though we did have some difficulties poking/scooping them up. Quick tip, bring the bowl to your mouth and shove it in in the worst case scenario lol!! Also be prepared to drop your food (don’t wear white), or accidentally dipping your fingers into the food which happened to myself and Claire babbahahaha.

I would advice that you focus on the experiential element as the food served are abit of a hit and miss in our opinion. Eating blind definitely reduces some form of enjoyment especially for picky eaters, but in a way I guess it forces you to try things that you never would have touched if you ever saw it on your plate lol.

Nonetheless, we did enjoy some of the dishes while for some, it was a bite and okay, we’ll skip to the next. Service was great tho that much I have to say.

After the whole dining experience (45-1hr depending on how fast you ate), you’ll be led back to the bar area where you can fill up the questionnaire to guess what you ate before the food are revealed to you (with pictures). Think we got around 70-80% of them right la hahaha.

We ended off by chilling at the bar area till closing time with free cocktails, courtesy of a promo code I found so yay free stuff why not lol.

In case you were wondering – the price point is around $88++ per person ($200+ for 2) for this meal which isn’t too shabby for the experiential dining experience and tbh, it’s slightly cheaper than your typical omakase.

Most importantly, I had a great time with Miss Claire for her belated birthday celebration!


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