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#MitsuekiTravels: Bali Day 3 (Horseback Riding x Bali Durian x Waterfall Visit x Jungle Swing x Potato Head Beach Club x Cheap Massages) – 28 Jun 2023

mitsueki travels bali day 3 waterfall horseback riding

Day 3 of our Bali trip begins on an early note once again at 6am, followed by a 630am breakfast box provided by our hotel (fried rice for the mister and a chicken sandwich for myself along with two watermelon smoothies each!). We were all packed for the full day tour ahead as our driver, Gede picked us up directly from our hotel promptly at 6.55am!

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Off we go to our first stop, which was around a 1hr+ drive away, the Bali Horse Riding stables. It was a short wait before we were geared up for a 1 hour horseback riding experience by Saba Beach located around 5 mins away by horseback. Not to worry, everything is all provided for you, just wear the helmet, sit on the horse and you’ll get a personalized guide per person who will lead the way. Depending on your luck, your horse might be really calm and docile, or a lil naughtier like the Mister’s but generally they are all well trained for beginners. Just prepare sunscreen as there is no shelter under the hot sun!

After that, enjoy your ride as you slowly canter down the beach to admire the waves. Coming back, you’ll get the opportunity to sit on a galloping/running horse if you’re game. Again it’s quite safe, just that if you don’t have the right posture, you’ll likely to have a bruised backside from your butt hitting the saddle as the horse gallops. (Lol).

Next stop, Goa Raja waterfall. To get there, prepare to hike a little (some steep steps to and fro), but it is possible to do so in slippers tbh cos that’s what I did on my return journey. Would recommend aqua shoes if you have any. It was also here that Gede introduced us to local Bali Durians which you can get them for cheap here at around 20-30k per durian. They weren’t no MSW but good enough and rather sweet. Delicious, we got one to share!

Also, here’s the waterfall! The good thing about having the guide is that he will help you snap all the photos and videos. Just pass him your phone and he will just snap away during all the different pitstops and his photography skills are not bad tbh. Here are some selected snapshots amongst many others and yes, remember to bring your swim wear / change of clothes if you’re planning to experience the waterfall (literally). Just don’t have expectations on the toilet/changing areas etc as this is a rustic setting.

All changed and we were off for lunch next at Waroung D’Yoni. This is a set lunch included in our tour package, so be very careful to check as they will pass you the main menu by default. This is a typical simple Balinese meal of chicken or fish with rice + chilli + crackers, alongside a free drink of choice and fruits for desserts. Nothing too fancy but nice to fill your tummy. The location is pretty Instagram worthy as well, enjoy the view while you eat 🙂

Our final stop on the tour is to Satria Coffee Plantation and Jungle Swing where you can enjoy two types of activities at the same place. First up, it’s the coffee plantation to view the plants, see the civet cats, view how the process of coffee is made and of course, sample an assortment of their coffee and tea. Personally I really enjoyed their Roselle, mangosteen and saffron tea the most while the mister enjoyed the Bali coffee. You can then purchase them at the goods store located within the plantation if you’re interested, prices start from 8k rupiah for a smaller 100g box which is not too bad.

Finally, this is the highlight of the trip = the jungle swing also included in the package and located within the same facility as mentioned. You’ll be safely strapped to the swing managed by 2-3 people before being swung out facing the plantation. It doesn’t cost any extra as well for borrowing props such as the cape to tie around your waist / shoulder for that IG worth photo/video.

But yes, I screamed hell when it was my first 2-3 swings cos it was DAMN scary. Think everyone was laughing at me but idc la LOL. You kinda relax only at the last few swings but after that it’s not so bad. After that initial first swing outwards, you’ll also swap directions on the swing, this time – swinging backwards. This is the better angle for photos of you facing the camera verus snapping photos of your back. And yes, it was scary at first but surprisingly NOT as bad as the swing outwards cos they don’t push you as far out. Phew. Okay la but this was really an experience that I can now tick off my bucket list experience!

The good thing about this location as well is that there are also a number of other swings available for your photoshoots without any help needed. E.g you can just climb in etc and get someone to help snap your photos or use your tripod. In our case, of cos we had our guide, Gede to help us and the photos turned out pretty well. So yeah, couple photos in the cute swing (check), birds nest (check) and also my own IG worthy photos in the floral swing that I’ve had my eye on for awhile wahahha. Say hello to my new profile picture:p

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Now for a long journey back to our hotel which took more than 2 hours cos of the jam and etc. Think we reached around 530pm+, gave a quick tip to Gede before continuing to our next stop = Pantai Batu Belig beach located around 5-10 mins away from our hotel. This beach is famous to catch the sunset views so try to be there before 6pm as the sun sets pretty early in Bali.

P.s there are seats and lounge chairs at the beach but you need to buy a drink to be able to use them. Otherwise, just enjoy a nice leisurely stroll and snap your photos along the way 🙂

We ended up at one of Bali’s most famous beach club, Potato Head Bali located along the way and popped in for dinner. Fortunately, there were still seats available so we just grabbed them. Do note a min spend applies for different tiers of seats you get. In our case, our seats required a min spend of 500k rupiah which can be easily met if you order the mains+drinks. And yes, the food was pretty decent, no complaints from us here 🙂

To end off, we actually had time to squeeze in a pampering session at this roadside massage place opposite our hotel. The mister did a pedicure (30 mins) and a cream hair wash (45 mins), while I did the cream hair wash (45 mins) alongside a foot reflexology (60 mins). The price is really cheap where we paid less than $8-9 for EACH service so you can’t really complain too much for what’s provided. Don’t forget to tip for their service 🙂

And that’s it for a really fun and fulfilling day out in Bali! Day 4 awaits and it’s more of a chilling / feasting day. Thanks always for reading~

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