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#WeekendswithMitsueki: Sunday Workouts x Trying Out Hammes x Netflix N Chill – 23 April 2023

weekends with mitsueki hammes commonwealth

It’s been awhile since I last worked out cos I’ve been down with a flu for the last week. But I bth alrdy and decided to do a quick one today cos I would be feasting quite abit for lunch! Glad to say it seems like I’m almost 100% ok (alright..maybe 85-90%) with some phglem remnants hahaha!

And say goodbye to my workout after that cos we went to have Hammes with a side of triple cooked fries (for me), and onion rings for the mister all the way at Commonwealth Food Centre where they are located at. Hammes has been on my to try list since the CB period and have failed to try them 3 times in a row cos they were so popular. Just glad now that the hype has died off, and we didn’t go at a very popular lunch timing = the wait time was around 15 mins for our burgers and sides to be out!

This is actually the 3rd time the mister was trying them, giving them a 3rd chance as he wasn’t too impressed with their first few versions when he was there. This round, he found them much better improving his rating from 3 to 4 stars. In my opinion, their burgers are not bad, just the patty a tad harder that I thought as they are grilled slightly longer. It comes with onions with their sauce and you honestly can’t really taste them. Nonetheless, it’s still a pretty decent burger sandwiched between two pillowy soft buns.

What I would rave over instead would be their triple cooked fries. They were all perfectly crispy and super potatoey, a must order imo. Onion rings were also great, not sure if they made it themselves or bought from the same supplier as they do taste quite alot like the Burger King ones (no whole onions here fyi!).

Wouldn’t mind coming back to try their fish or chicken version in the future. Also, there’s this other place the mister and I plan to try too called Salai by Meatdrop, also located within the same hawker centre with rave reviews.

After that, we resumed our journey back to One North as we had plans to drop by the sustainability event at Lyfe One North to pick up a lucky draw prize I won, and check out the booths at the same time too!

Having done all that, it’s time to head back home to our favourite past time of them all = netflix and chill to end off the night! In a sitting, we managed to complete the season of Beef (it’s alright, prefer Copycat Killer) and the Mandalorian alongside some home cooked food from his mom/chips/fruits, PLUS scheduling all of SG Lifestyle’s upcoming posts.

Yeah, it’s been a great weekend and I just wish the time doesn’t fly so fast when I’m with the mister. The work week looms ahead..however at least we have a long weekend to look forward to next week. Woohoo!!


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