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#MitsuekiOnLeave: 3D2N One Piece Themed Birthday Getaway to KL (Day 3) x Coming Home – 17 April 2023

Time really flies when you’re having so much fun, and this bodes true when we were leaving today after a quick getaway to KL for the misters birthday.

In case you missed out, read Day 1-2 here:

Since we already paid for the upgrade, of course we made sure to utilize the facilities in the room such as the bathtub daily. At least that was the best part and it was quite big for two! Afterwhich, we pretty much nua-ed all the way till it was time to check out and head for lunch!

Lunch was then decided to be at Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant which used to be one of my favourite restaurants back then … before they closed all their outlets in Singapore. It was nice to savour back a hint of nostalgia with my fave pork/fish cheese baked rice while the mister indulged in some unhealthy instant noodles hahaha. Hong Kong food is just basically easy comfort food tbh. Oh but I have to say that their mango sago mosaic is really good – thick with plenty of mango bits, ALOT of sago and pomelo. Recommended!

With time to spare before our coach ride later, we spent that time walking around the area and Berjaya Times Square – not forgetting to pick up some siew baos and egg tarts from Miki Bakery as souvenirs for my colleagues and our respective families. Not too bad lah.

Unfortunately our coach later got delayed for an hour from 330-430pm and we ended up chilling at Starbucks. Tbh, it was also a relatively negative experience in general – some attributed to the weather and some parts, the driver. Pretty sure some of the passengers onboard wrote in to complain after that.

In summary: Bus was late in the first place, and then still departed late becos of a lost baggage from the previous batch of passengers on the bus / Super heavy rain + thunderstorm as the coach went to pick up another batch of passengers from the bus terminal / Driver disappeared for like 10-15 mins during a toilet break pit stop and we were all locked out of the bus for abit / Very very strict no food and drinks policy on the coach whereby the driver even stopped by the road to tell off a passenger who was eating. I think a little leniency might be needed or advance notice for a longer stop to eat can be planned cos afterall, we were all inside the coach from 5pm-12am+.

All negativity aside – the positives: seats were comfy tho you kinda know that it’s not the cleanest cos there is no cleanup in between the passengers who arrived / who departed / at least 3 toilet breaks along the way.

Overall, I can’t really complain too much about it cos of the price paid. However, I would admit that the coach ride back was a little too unpleasantly longer than expected as we reached back Singapore at almost 1230am, after departing KL at 5pm after close to 8 hours which was pretty bad..(9 hours+ if you factor in our original departure time).

Conclusion: Take note of such possible delays when you factor in your coach bookings in the future.

Other than that..I’m just glad to be back home in Singapore safe and sound. Was a good, though slightly whirlwind trip. Most importantly, it was for the mister and I’m glad he had a good one! (Hopefully :p)


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