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#MitsuekiTravels: Day 5 Hong Kong x Non Stop Feasting (Beancurd/Dim Sum/Wonton Noodles) and Shopping – 26 March 2023

mitsueki travels hong kong day 5 2023

It’s our final full day in Hong Kong and I was definitely gonna make sure that we make full use of this day! First up, I was really stoked to be able to find some of the Easter egg snacks I’ve been eyeballing since the first day, grape candy AND the pistachio kit kat that I couldn’t get in Japan.

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Next stop, Kung Wu Beancurd Factory for some light brekkie of beancurd with orange sugar and a milk pudding to start off the morning right!

Off we go to Toy Street to check out some toys and pick up some for the kiddos as souvenirs. It’s a lovely place to browse around for abit for the day.

Our lunch was decided to be at One Dim Sum cos a trip to Hong Kong isn’t completed without having at least one dim sum meal right?

Just be prepared for a queue especially during peak meal timings but not to worry, the queue moves along fast as what Hong Kong is known for. Get in, order, eat, get out fast, no time for dithering at all cos other patrons are waiting too! Also, the good news is that there are English menus/translations so ordering is pretty convenient. Oh yes, don’t forget to take a queue number before you wait!

Here’s a selection of what we ordered – two types of char Siew buns (normal buns/the usual white bread), prawn chee Cheong fun, har gao, Siew mai, fried wantons, fried glutinous rice with pork and deep fried sesame balls – all which we chowed down with much relish!

With a full stomach, this means we can expend the energy walking around the streets of Mongkok – from the new place that just opened up, The Forest, to Mongkok Computer Centre to other street markets all around open on a crowded Sunday afternoon.

We also popped by for a short coffee break at Milano Coffee at The Forest to chill and relax especially for the mister who was helping to lug plenty of shopping loots before shopping around Argyle Centre and T.O.P Shopping Mall. Unfortunately, nothing really caught my attention though we did buy some random stuff for our friends instead.

One other stop we did go by is Jenny Bakery to pick up their famous cookies for our friends/families respectively. It’s definitely cheaper to get it here versus in Singapore for sure and their butter cookies are amazing!

Not stopping there (nor was the constant drizzle the whole day), we stopped by a random cafe to have some mango pomelo sago and this lovely almond milk with egg white which was a hit for us and we found it really enjoyable!

What we didn’t expect as we headed over to the AIA Observatory Ferris Wheel was that the JJ concert was being held at the open waterfront space and we could hear his live singing + check out all his fans camping for a view/glimpse and just listening to his live concert (without tickets). Pretty fun, however it was too crowded for us and we left shortly after that.

Thankfully as well, the drizzle stopped and we safely boarded the Star Ferry from Central back to TST as that’s something pretty iconic that everyone should do during your Hong Kong trip:)

We’ve really been utilizing alot of Hong Kong’s public transportation beyond the usual MTR with public buses / mini red top buses and more, and they are actually a cheaper, and sometimes even a more convenient/faster way to get to your destination without always relying on the MTR and today is no exception at all!

Here’s our final stop of the night – Mak Man Kee Noodle Shop just a few doors down from Mak’s Noodles cos the mister wanted to try them both during the trip, and we did 🙂

One final, day to go before we head back to Singapore and overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the whole duration of this trip. In general, it’s been a great trip for us eating and doing all that we wanted to try/do. Most importantly, it was with the best / right company that made everything perfect!

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