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#MitsuekiTravels: Day 3 Hong Kong x Australia Dairy Company x Mak’s Noodles x Ngong Ping x Tai O x Street Food – 24 March 2023

mitsueki travels hong kong day 3 ngong ping

I would consider today to be a FEASTING day cos we literally almost ate non stop the whole day! Starting off with the famous Australia Dairy Company at Jordan for a timeline classic brunch favourite of buttered bread, scrambled eggs with ham paired with their spaghetti and char Siew/beef/ham option before rounding it all off with a drink and a signature pudding.

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If you thought that was all, please clap your hands for the mister cos he went ahead to eat a bowl of Mak’s signature wanton noodles (4 wantons), with an additional side dish of wanton soup (8 wantons) cos it was compulsory to hit a minimum spending during lunch timing. At least I managed to help him eat two pieces so it wasn’t as bad, lol but we were STUFFED!

Abit of window shopping followed after that as we wandered around Jordan area before taking the train towards Tung Chung station where our next stop was at.

Here’s where you can board the Ngong Ping 360 cable car which is the fastest, and most expensive/scenic route (25 mins) from the air heading towards the famous giant Buddha. Grab your discounted tickets in advance from Klook like what we did and you can even get an extra 5% off using my promo code <MITSUEKI5OFF>!

Welcome to Ngong Ping Village where you can find plenty of bites and shopping around the area. Some of them are still undergoing renovations (just the facade) while mostly are operational. There are also loads of photo ops around the area so snap as many photos as you like!

To head to the Giant Buddha, it’s about a 10-15 min walk down the mini village and onwards towards the main area where you can see a long flight of stairs to be conquered in order to reach. Also along the way, you can find random dogs and mules? Oxens? Wandering around the square lol.

It’s worth the climb though your thighs might be sore after, and you’ll reach slightly breathless, however since you’re already here – do make sure you make the climb. Also be aware of it before you bring any elderly.

We headed down back to the village and to the bus terminal to hop onto Bus 21 to get to our next destination – Tai O Fishing Village. Everything can be paid using your Octopus card so cashless is fine. It’s best also to reach the village earlier than 4pm, cos most things will be closed/closing by 6pm. We reached around 5pm and managed to catch a few stalls still open, however I would think it would have been busier during the day.

A really nice auntie even opened up her shop for us to have beancurd when we walked past her shop. Personally I thought the beancurd was alright, not bad though we preferred the silky soft one from the one we tried in Macau just yesterday. Nonetheless, please do support these elderly mom and pop shops when you’re there 🙂

Other bites we tried were some BBQ dried items (fish roe in this case), giant fish/sotong balls and snapped some photos around the village.

We were lucky to be able to spot the last ferry leaving Tai O for the day at the jetty area and this is one of the fastest/most economic way to get back to Tung Chung station instead of the bus which will take around 1hr10mins (excluding waiting time).

The ferry ride cost us around 27 HKD per person (payable by Octopus card!) and it takes around 40 mins to reach back Tung Chung. However, do note that the ferry pier is around 10 mins from the Tung Chung station/Citygate outlets. Please use Google maps to navigate back, it’s not too bad.

To end off the night, we took the bus down from Tung Chung station to the famous Temple Street Night Market for some food/shopping. Sadly, it was relatively disappointing, please manage your expectations as a) there weren’t many stalls open as before b) food options are rather limited.

We ended up strolling to Fa Yuen Night Market, which was even sadder (lol), but at least we ate quite a few street foods all around the vicinity ranging from curry fishballs (meh), Mammy’s pancakes (egglettes) (yums), har gao/dim sum (meh) and even smelly tofu (臭豆腐) which were delicious. Oh and I even bought a new dress for 50 HKD which was a good buy cos I needed one for the warmer weather (than expected).

Overall, it was a great/fun day out and a different side of Hong Kong which we have not really explored before.

Most importantly, thanks always for reading and see ya for tomorrow’s post!


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