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#OfficeDiaries: Overwhelmed x My First Briefing x OT Night – 13 March 2023

office diaries ot life x overwhelmed

If the feeling of being overwhelmed strikes you as the deadlines get closer, don’t worry – you’re not on your own cos that was exactly what I was feeling today. There’s just so much to do, and so little time.. no time to waste feeling that way tbh especially just days before the show. I’m.. thankful my team are taking on the initiative/helping me cos this show’s marketing cannot be on my shoulders alone.

Meals along the way, including us locating an old school cash box that we found! Today was also my first time conducting a briefing, had to calm my nerves so hopefully I did okay. At least I’m pretty proud that I churned out some slides etc literally like the night before at 12am before I headed to bed HAHAHA.

More meals and then yep, an OT night.

T-3 days to go!


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