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#Office/WFHDiaries: Popcorn Regret – 20 Feb 2023

office diaries popcorn regret sick

Oof. Remember that whole box of popcorn that I polished off all by myself in yesterday’s movie? I paid the price when I woke up with a bad sore throat, aching muscles and an overall oh shit feeling. wasn’t COVID.

But, it definitely took me down for the day, and tomorrow with a 2 day MC given to me by the doctor.

There’s definitely a sore throat bug going around as a number of my colleagues were down with it last week – this week/today so stay safe everyone!

Went off for lunch first at the food court at Junction 8 and tucked into a nice healthy seafood vegetable soup meal before heading back home to work/rest at the same time.

Sadly, the rest..= not much cos it’s really the crunch time period here at this moment. At least I did take breaks in between eating and snacking on herbal jelly, bread, corn and of course, taking a course of panadol along the way.

I hope I get better soon cos it’s a packed week for me!!


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