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#WeekendswithMitsueki: Wedding Bells @ Skai Suites Swissotel The Stamford – 18 Feb 2023

weekends with mitsueki skai suites swissotel

#huatah! Today is my cousin’s wedding dinner and we were all invited to attend that evening. But before that, this means plenty of me time, doing the household chores, a workout and just enjoying the downtime as it’s been a rather draining week.

With my one minute Saborino mask to the rescue, it’s time to head off to Swissotel The Stamford where we met up with the rest of the family members as we gathered at the cocktail reception area where we could appreciate the view from the 69th level alongside an ice cream sandwich, yums!

And here’s where the actual wedding venue is – at the SKAI Suites. Once again, it offers a magnificent view of Singapore and the set up is pretty nice. However, if I would point out any downsides = the toilet is a hassle as there are no toilets on this level at all. You’ll need to climb down a few flights of stairs (up and down) to get there. This means for the elderly, especially like one of my E-Ma in a wheelchair, this made the venue very inconvenient so do take note if you plan to book this venue and you have elderly in your group.

I took a couple of nice ootds here since it’s one of the days where I dress up a little. Most importantly, I managed to get a very rare family photo with my mom & her mom at the same time!

Beyond that, everything was lovely from the walk in to the set up and the individual + lovely plating for all meals.

Here’s a snippet of what we enjoyed ranging from suckling pig to fish, duck, abalone, misua and yam paste to round off the meal. This is definitely a wedding dinner that you’ll go home feeling super stuffed!

The bride and groom also tried to make things a little fun during the wedding and I think the bingo game was fun! Prizes were also given out for those but I’m not sure what they won la.

Congratulations once again to this lovely couple and I wish eternal bliss and happiness for them and their families!


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