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#OfficeDiaries: My Valentine’s Day Gifts x Trying an Atas 12 Course Seafood Grill Meal For $128++ in a Coffee Shop?! (One Prawn & Co) – 14 Feb 2023

office diaries grilled seafood course meal one prawn & co

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you had a good day today cos I know I did!

First up – morning preps of brekkie, my 1 min mask to look a little refreshed and a cute ootd for the day at work!

I received a nice Vday gift from the company/bosses on this day, and enjoyed these lovely tarts during our lunch and learn session; it’s been a great start to a Tuesday.

Afterwhich, off I go to One Prawn & Co located at MacPherson for a tasting session of the first ever 12 course meal available at a coffee shop!

I’ll be honest here .. with this menu priced at $128++ per person, or $158++ per person with free flow sake – this is definitely a price point that the mass consumer might take awhile to digest because of its coffeeshop setting.

Well, until you try their food and you know you’re getting an absolute bang for your buck with this menu. Suffice to say, a menu like this can easily set you back way more than $200++/300++ per person if served in a restaurant setting/or omakase. Plus there are a number of unconventional seafood options that we tasted that isn’t really commonly found in Singapore.

Most importantly, if you’ve already tried One Prawn & Co’s Michelin bib gourmand rated prawn mee like what I have – you know you’ll be in for a very high quality treat for the amount paid .. especially knowing that the chef, Gwyneth Ang was formerly from Forlino and the famous Burnt Ends restaurant. Go with some form of expectations and tbh, I think they will be met.

Do note that this 12 course grilled seafood meal is only available as a dinner service by reservation only (book one day in advance) too. From my understanding, there are a few seatings from 6-730pm (final seating) where all diners must be seated as you prepare for a non stop flow of amazing food being churned out, and this lovely sake too if you topped up for the sake set.

So come hungry, sit back, relax, enjoy and EAT for the next 2 hours. Also, feel free to peek at the open kitchen at anytime to see your food being cooked in action!

You start off with this appetitzer of Amaebi (sweet shrimp) with avocado, tomato on top of a rice flower.

Followed by a mini Asian fusion platter of Hyogo oyster, cured amberjack slices, poached white shrimp with garam masala and tempura soft shell crab with kicap manis that wouldn’t look out of place at any fancy restaurant.

Next, we have a couple of slightly unconventional dishes including Maitaka mushroom served on a bed of burnt barley risotto, followed by a unique dish of Squid “noodles” with salsa Verde, and black olives and Scottish king scallop with XO chilli jam.

Surprise surprise, there’s also a steak in a form of beef onglet (hanger steak) served medium rare with sunchoke cream and chives. For non beef eaters, let them know in advance as a pork belly alternative will be served instead.

Trust me, by the time you reach till this part of the course meal – you’ll be slightly stuffed. But WAIT, the best is yet to come and the last two dishes (excluding dessert) are the key reasons to rounding off the $128/158++ price tag.

Presenting to you .. their characoal grilled turbot with garlic brown butter and capers, served with a papaya/cucumber salad. Now this was a dish that I was most impressed with, in terms of the portion size, taste, quality and everything as it was also my first time trying it. From the papaya salad and the beautifully done fish, this is what stood out for me during this entire course meal.

When you thought that was it, their abalone poached rice arrives. It comes with 4 pieces of baby abalone and egg floss served in their signature prawn bisque in a claypot that One Prawn & Co have been known for and this was a robust way to round up the meal. We enjoyed this very much. I also remarked they should really add this dish to their main lunch menu and who knows? It might!

By then I swear, if you’re not full – there’s something wrong as most of the diners at the tasting session almost gave up halfway at the turbot meal lol! We settled it light with seasonal fruits being served – in this case, ours was sweet (and expensive) Japanese fruits (melon/strawberries/orange) and a mini ice cream cone to round it all off.

In a nutshell, from the pictures and quality above – you won’t be able to tell that this is all served in a coffee shop setting at all right? Also, I’ll leave you to be the judge if you think the price tag is worthy of the food options served above.

Suffice to say, I was impressed and I do commend the Prawn & Co team for being creative, bold and pushing boundaries and I’m excited to see what else they can come up with next.

However for now, I wish them all the best in the launch of this new seafood grill course meal! Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried it 🙂

P.s watch my Tiktok video if you’re too lazy to read:

@mitsueki For you to judge if it’s worth paying a $128++ ($158++ with free flow sake) price tag for this 12 course #grilledseafood meal in a coffeeshop setting – crazy, or crazy cos you’ll not get prices like this anywhere for the quality of food served? Only available at One Prawn & Co at MacPherson for dinner service starting from 6pm with seatings till 730pm. Reservations one day in advance required at 98788897. #mitsuekieats #mitsuekieatssg #mediatastingbutownopinion #sgtiktok #tiktoksg #foryou #fypsg #fyp #singapore #oneprawnnco #foodies #sgfoodies #tiktokfoodie #sgtiktokfoodie ♬ Good Time(抖音热搜版) – 小猫多鱼

Just ending off the post with my thanks One Prawn and Co, as well as Protegie Consultancy for extending this media invitation! It was a fantastic way to spend our Valentine’s Day right on this day with the mister and it ended nicely with an exchange of Vday gifts from me to him / him to me.

Thanks for reading~


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