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#mitsuekitravels | 19D18N Japan Travelogue 2022 (Day 19): Saying Goodbye x Tokyo-Taipei-Singapore – 9 Jan 2023

mitsueki travels last day of japan trip 2022

It’s a feeling of sian-ness waking up this morning on this day, knowing that I’ll be back in my bed tonight .. who wants a holiday to end right? 🙁

If you missed it, here’s Day 1-18:

Here’s the last goodbye to our comfy room, and also the last of my tub of cream that has accompanied me though this trip. I used it all up, on top of my Clinique moisture cream for my eczema flare up and so far, it has drastically improved especially since I’ve started incorporating the latter.

This is what I wouldn’t miss tho, putting on a double layer of moisturizer before heading out, and then after my shower each day = that’s 4 times of moisturising but it does help me in combating the flare up so I’ve been doing it over the last 10+ days! My only worry now is heading back to Singapore and having it flare up once I’m home so fingers crossed that wouldn’t happen!

Beyond that, we almost missed our train to the airport because we were waiting at the wrong platform. Luckily we saw signs for the Narita Express and figured out that we were supposed to wait at that platform, and not the one we were on.

Phew, it was a run and we slid into the train just as the doors closed and it’s time for my brekkie onboard the one hour train ride – corn soup, apple pie and the 7-11 cocoa. The latter was amazing btw, first time trying it and it was rich, thick and delicious. I highly recommend it!

We reached the airport much earlier than our flight time of 1140am, around 3 hours in advance to give us extra time to buy takeaway food for our flight journey back, the necessary bodily needs (poop, in other words hahaha!!) and basically, tax free souvenirs.

This is really good when you don’t really have enough luggage space like us so we didn’t buy as much during the trip. Here at the airport however, you can spam especially after you go through immigration and there isn’t much of a weight or baggage limit. And shop we did!

Also thankful for the Board Me First priority because we got to board the plane first and find space to put all our bags up. Last few selfies onboard and we were off to Taipei as our transit stop.

My food and entertainment for this first part of the flight heh. I also finished catching up on all the writing of my Travelogue blog posts on this day! Just gotta have WiFi to upload the images.. and a couple of hours to schedule them when I’m back in Singapore!

Then we landed in Taipei and off we go again for the next leg of this trip back home. Once again, our food, entertainment (finishing Wednesday!!) and this time, I attempted to see if I can do a tiktok video for everyday of our trip..

Welcome home :'(


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