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#mitsuekitravels | 19D18N Japan Travelogue 2022 (Day 18): Ginza Adventures x Tsukiji Outer Market x Harajuku x Mipig Cafe (Micropig) x Tokyo Station – 8 Jan 2023

mitsueki travels mipig cafe x ginza x tsukiji market

Today marks our final full day in Tokyo as we will be flying back to Singapore tomorrow morning, essentially kinda making it a 18D18N trip technically.

In case you’ve missed out reading our posts from Day 1-17, read it here:

Once again, I switched up abit of my itinerary for this day cos we wanted to go to a few places that we missed on the original itinerary/new places to visit. Originally it was supposed to be a trip to get my Totoro puffs before gg to another area before heading to Shibuya – and then Harajuku.

In the end, it became a late start to the morning with my yummy brekkie and oranges before heading out to walk to Ginza area for a look see since it’s walking distance from our hotel. We also saw some early cherry blossoms blooming in advance and that was really lovely.

Meanwhile, what’s there to do at Ginza?

1. Visit UNIQLO flagship store and drink UNIQLO coffee. Shop cheap Uniqlo clothes that are almost half price compared to Singapore. The wind breakers were $60 compared to $100-128?? in Singapore!!

2. Visit MUJI to check out MUJI Bakery, MUJI Diner, MUJI Hotel and more. You can’t find this in Singapore.

3. Get the famous red bean bun and other bakes from Ginza Kimuraya. Highly recommended their freshly baked pounded red bean. I tried the pounded (signature) and the paste version and the former was delicious.

4. Snap photos of all the famous branded stores and they have very nice decorations. Some are flagship stores with cafes within eg Shiesheido cafe, Ralph Lauren Cafe etc, similar to MUJI and UNIQLO. If you need to buy branded cosmetics etc too, here is great to purchase and claim your tax!

You can also walk on the streets / chill, sit by the tables & chairs on the main roads of Ginza after 12pm on Sundays as they close up the roads to the cars for pedestrians. Perfect for those ootd shots!

From Ginza, it’s also possible to walk to Tsukiji Outer Market from here like what we did. Even though the main tuna market has moved to Toyosu Market elsewhere in Tokyo, Tsukiji Market is still in operation and tourists will flock here due to the old times and existing stores still open.

Just be aware that it is a tourist trap so the prices can be double of the normal places outside. However of cos the thing is that most of the fish/sashimi are fresh from the market so it’s still not as bad. As a heads up, I did find a comparable store on the exterior side of the market that isn’t as popular as the stores inside, however prices are much cheaper and comparable to this cheap Donburi bowl at Ueno.

Remember to come with an empty stomach cos there are LOADS to eat here, and plenty of queues everywhere.

Here’s a snippet of what we ate – sashimi on a bowl at 500 yen each (scallop/salmon/tuna), not the best cuts but very fresh, a 700 yen giant oyster, the hot tamagoyaki, cold tamogoyaki and egg pudding, grilled squid and a couple of fish cakes. Beyond that, there were so many other yummy looking food like tuna steak, strawberry daifuku and so much more but we were too full 🙁 Will be back again in the future for sure!

He did have an ice cream after that however :p

Onwards to Harajuku we go! Takeshita street is always the place to be at with a long stretch of shopping & food places. It’s bright, pink, loud with a large crowd and queues everywhere. Managed to do abit of shopping here and I was quite pleased with the loot.

Sadly, we were too stuffed for any of the must eat street food here at Harajuku ranging from the rainbow cheese bread to the Long! Longer! Longest! Potatoes, Marion crepes and more. Again .. come hungry but be prepared for queues.

With some time to spare before our cafe reservation, we walked around Harajuku area and stumbled upon the Anakuma Cafe (bear paw drinks?) and this Moosh squishy shop which the mister bought a sure-win gacha ticket ($15!!) to win a squishy peach butt. Though he didn’t get it, he got a squishy pineapple and I got a free cute squishy bear with strawberry too. Cute.

Finally, it’s time for our cafe reservation at Mipig Cafe, the famous micropig cafe! We booked it off Klook HERE in advance and it’s a unique experience that I would recommend.

For the price paid, you get to stay in the cafe for 30 mins / 60 mins with free flow drinks from a drinks dispenser and of course, interact with all the pigs in the cafe.

They are all micropigs of different age groups from the babies at 3 months that were SO adorable, to the bigger pigs ranging from 9 months to 3 years!

You don’t need to buy pig feed to get them to you because all you have to do is to cross your legs and they will actually come up to you to snort/chew on their snack and pretty much drool all over you.. which is why blankets are provided by the staff and trust me you’ll need them or you’ll get smeared by the white drool/saliva (???) from their snout.

The pigs are also quite territorial once they’ve found a fave human/spot and we got “selected” by a piggy adult brother duo. Becos of that, they chased away all the piglets :’) and hogged us most of the time. The staff are also nice enough to try to bring a pig to you if they see that you don’t have one but if the pig runs away from you.. there’s not much that they can do la hahahah.

Just spend this time nua-ing, snapping photos with these micropigs, scratch their backs/bellies/sides and touch their snouts cos they like it and just enjoy the drool/chewing. It was quite fun la, just a tad expensive however I would recommend a visit here just for the experience no matter what. Oh yes and their fur is hard, rough, not fluffy or soft like cats or dogs ya, so just FYI. But still, quite cute. Book this experience off Klook HERE!

Finally, this is our final stop for this trip – back to Tokyo Station to start buying the souvenirs we have shortlisted for our families and friends respectively. And also, our final dinner in Tokyo/Japan before our flight home tomorrow.

The mister made me choose, so I chose his favourite udon and tempura combination. Too bad they don’t have Ebi tempura, however it was still yums and very pocket friendly for this amount of food.

Time to start packing and his final ice cream of this trip before the day ends..

Oh and all his Amazon Japan packages/loots arrived at our hotel too. Shipping is really fast, within 1-2 days max and you’ll be able to receive them. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy online than retail as we all know. Plus usually they have free shopping too.

And that’s it for this post! It’s really bittersweet to go to bed that night cos you know that when you wake up.. it’s time to go home and you’ll be in your own bed at home when you go to sleep the next day.

Nonetheless, I’m absolutely thankful and blessed to be able to take all my leave for this trip and balancing my work / personal stuff. It’s not easy being away for so long, this is my longest ever and honestly, I’m not sure if ever I’ll ever have the opportunity to go on such a long trip ever again.

But never say never! Gnite and thanks always for reading 🙂


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