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#mitsuekitravels | 19D18N Japan Travelogue 2022 (Day 16): Great Buddha of Kamakura x Kamakura Station x Enoshima x Iwaya Cave x Winter Illuminations – 6 Jan 2023

mitsueki travels kamakura and enoshima

We’re going for another side trip out of Tokyo on this day with Yokohama yesterday, and both Kamakura & Enoshima today – both of which none of us have ever visited before! The former is a place I’ve always wanted to visit for the longest time and I’m so glad to tick this off my bucket list now 🙂

P.s in case you’ve missed it – read Day 1-15 here:

But first, dabao the mister’s favourite potama cos there aren’t many days left where he can enjoy it. Then we were off to Hase Station first cos we had a slightly heavier brekkie. There is also a cheaper Kamakura pass but we didn’t go for it as it must go through Shinjuku versus taking the train from Tokyo Station where we are based at. Saving those small dollars isn’t just worth the hassle of extra traveling time imo so we just paid the full fare.

After reaching Hase Station, it’s a short walk (15 mins?) to the Giant Sitting Buddha of Kamakura. If unsure, just follow the crowd, though some may be going to visit the other shrines in this area as Kamakura has ALOT of shrines.

Beyond seeing the Buddha, buying the charms where I spent $60!! for all my closest friends as a souvenir, using the toilet – there’s really nothing much else to do here as the entrance to enter the Buddha was closed on this day.

We left after a short visit and got some ice cream along the way, while the mister enjoyed his anago onigiri from Potama as we waited for the Enoden to arrive (around 12-15 mins interval).

Next up, back to Kamakura Station for lunch, aka street food bites along this entire huge stretch. There are two lanes leading to the shrine at the end of Kamakura Station and you can walk one street to the shrine, and then U-turn to walk the other street back the station. Sadly, we were rushing for time to get to Enoshima so we didn’t visit the shrine.

However, we ate ALOT of street food along the way including this fried beef stick, cheesy curry bread, strawberry with red bean dango, white bait omelette, white bait sushi rice with Ikura in a cup, and this gold medal awarded Croquette we found along the streets.

Trust me when I say to come with an empty stomach because there are tons of food along this one stretch of street itself..it’s crazy how much we ate, and wanted to eat but couldn’t. This is definitely a place we would be back in the future for sure and I highly recommend it! Beyond food, there are also lovely shopping and craft stuff for sale/workshops to go for so you can easily spend half a day here tbh.

We really enjoyed the stroll down the other street and seeing the place, soaking in the vibes and atmosphere, so visit it 🙂 Tip – renting a kimono for a full day out here would be fantastic!

And off we go again to next stop at Enoshima cos I really wanted to get to the Iwaya Cave before they close at 5pm for the day. We were so lucky to get a fantastic view behind the train conductor’s seat as we passed by different types of scenery from houses to the sea, and to the main road and seeing the train conductor in action with pride in his work is amazing.

Here we are to Enoshima Station and it’s around a 30 mins walk to the Enoshima Island, you’ve been warned. You can also attempt to take the ferry along the pier to get to the island which is a faster way there too, however do note that you CANNOT avoid a ton of stairs there. Again, be warned that there are ALOT of stairs, climbing up/down involved on this island and it is definitely not wheelchair friendly. If you’re unfit, trust me that you’ll be panting like crazy. I mean .. I was panting too HAHHAA.

I would suggest allocating a full day of Enoshima if you can, or more than half day because there’s alot to cover at the island. We breezed through them to get to the other end of the island where the Iwaya Cave is located. Generally it would take around 1 hour of walking to reach there from the station, including climbing idk how many stairs..so fortunately we bought tickets for the escar..which is essentially an escalator going upwards bypassing the stairs.

There will be around 3-4 sets of escalators going up. But first, you’ll still need to trudge upwards along the street to the base at the Sea Candle and there are plenty of street food and shops here. Along the way will be shrines at the different levels, with 3 main shrines to visit in total.

So since we had to pass by each shrine to get to the next escalator, naturally I was there praying and looking at the charms. Take my money okay?

After that..it’s MORE stairs and around 10-15 mins walk to the Iwaya Cave once you reach the end of the final escalator up. However, at least there is a beautiful view waiting for you at the end of it all. Note that the stairs are mostly going down..so know that you’ll have to climb them UP coming back HAHAHA.

And this is it – welcome to the Enoshima Iwaya Cave! There are two caves to visit, and you can follow the recommended route accordingly. The first cave will grant you access to see the opening of an ice cave that supposedly connects to the base of Mt Fuji, as well as the original birthplace of Enoshima Shrine and you’ll be given a lighted candle to make your way there. It was pretty cool.

The second path leads to the outdoors and the view of Enoshima Island at sunset if you’re there during that time. This cave leads to the dragon and also the cave illumination light ups that are only available during this seasonal period – and also the reason why I was here hahaa.

After that, we caught the last of the setting sun/lights at the Chigogafuchi Abyss / Ohira / Kameishi Rocks, all of which is connected around the same area and took a nice stroll + plenty of photos along the way!

Our final stop is to the Dragon Love Bell, my final shrine, and then to the illuminations at the Enoshima Sea Candle and Samuel Cocking Gardens. The last two will need admission tickets for which we pre-purchased in advance to enter and got them at half price, inclusive of tickets to the escar.

Along the way, we had a pit stop at the stores that were still open to get our hands on the octopus cracker. This is legit real octopus that have been pressed into crackers and it was very flavourful even though it was wafer thin. Delicious!

And up up up away we go to the Enoshima Sea Candle before checking out the lovely light ups/illuminations around the area. Personally, even though the Tokyo Mega Illumination is much bigger, I enjoyed this one better. It’s worth a visit if you’re around the area during the winter season!

Here’s our final pitstop to take with this love seat illumination before we headed back from the island to the main Enoshima Station area.

Dinner was supposed to be the pork ribs place we passed by but they closed pretty early so we settled for this Japanese Italian restaurant where we shared a white bait pizza and a mentaiko tomato pasta before taking the monorail => JR and back to Tokyo Station (approx 1hr+) to end the day right.

Again, I highly recommend a day trip visit to both Kamakura and Enoshima respectively, either combine a half day each or one day at each. I’ll be back again!


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