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#mitsuekitravels | 19D18N Japan Travelogue 2022 (Day 15): Cup Noodles Museum x Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse x Gundam Factory x Tokyo Mega Illumination – 5 Jan 2023

tokyo travelogue yokohama cup noodle museum x gundam factory

It’s hard to be away for so long when you hold a full time job. 15 days and we still have a couple of days to go .. so naturally I was checking my emails that morning and responding to some urgent matters with some ongoing campaigns/urgent ones happening at the same time.

Gotta thank the mister for patiently waiting a couple of hours for me while I settle the work stuff over some onigiri brekkie and oranges while he enjoyed the hotel’s breakfast buffet (without me :p)

P.s missed out on Day 1-14? Read them here:

Our next stop? Hello Yokohama! And our first stop was to get some ice cream at Cosmo World cos the bear ice cream was so cute lol. Took a couple of other snapshots here cos there were a couple of Pikachu and Rilakkuma stuff around before moving on to our next destination.

Welcome to Cup Noodles Museum Yokohama! This is the museum that I’ve always wanted to visit since my first time in Japan and finally .. I’m here!! Tickets purchased on the spot at 500 yen per person, and we also got the timed entry ticket to make our own cup noodles later as well.

I would think 2-3 hours is sufficient to visit the Cup Noodle Museum – around 1 hour or less to visit the exhibitions/watch the animation, followed by lunch at the World Bazaar (optional), and then the cup noodle making experience at 500yen per cup. One ticket will allow you to purchase only one cup fyi.

We had quite abit of fun designing our cup noodles cover and I’m quite pleased with the outcome after that. You’ll also get to create your own cup noodle flavors + ingredients before it’s sealed and you can package it up nicely before bringing it home to eat. Note that the expiry is around one month from the date of your purchase!

Next stop, lunch at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse which just reopened recently and we were lucky to get to visit it during our trip. We were mainly there to eat more than anything however, and we ate at the food court area having a burger from Kua Aina Sandwich Shop and the beef patty omurice from Yokohama Tachibanatei.

A slightly expensive meal for a food court but they were all delicious and we enjoyed our lunch very much!

Time for some desserts! I wanted an apple pie from the Granny Smith apple pie shop but was too full. We ended up having ice cream and a butter gaufrette from Milk Marche and it was delicious:)

Now, for ootd shots around the iconic red brick warehouse and we were off to our final stop at Yokohama!~

Welcome to Gundam Factory Yokohama where all your Gundam fantasies can come true! We pre-purchased tickets in advance from their website and each ticket will also grant you a free gift of a 1/200 scale RX-78F00 Gundam kit which is a nice touch.

More importantly, you’re basically paying to be able to view the life size RX-78F00 Gundam and they have “performances” every 25 mins of the Gundam moving – start up / standby mode / awakening and also a special Winter Illumination featuring the theme song from Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury.

There’s also a Gundam cafe here selling Gundam themed food and drink items, alongside a Gundam store selling limited edition Gundam merchandise.

We stayed on to view the illuminations and some of the performances from day to night and was luckily to catch it during the golden hour and when night fell seeing the Gundam at different timings of the day/night which is pretty cool.

After that, it was time to say goodbye to Yokohama and onwards back to Tokyo for a stop at Oi Racecourse for the Mega Illumi!

This is one of Tokyo’s bigger illumination event that happens yearly at this racecourse and the second time where the mister would be visiting, while it’s the first for me. I bought tickets off Klook, but by today’s posting – this limited winter event should be over by then.

Nonetheless, here’s sharing snippets of our visit around the dazzling display of illuminations all around with 10 different installments located around the race course. If you come early enough, you’ll also be able to see some miniature ponies but unfortunately we didn’t get to see them 🙁

That’s okay though becos it’s good enough for us to be able to snap loads of photos at the Tokyo Mega Illuminations after the side day trip to Yokohama – check them out here below, with more photos I’ve not published actually hahahha!

In a nutshell, I would highly recommend a visit here if you’re in Tokyo during the autumn/winter period as it’s worth a nice visit if you have the time.

Here’s our final stop – supposed to be Gyukatsu Motomura .. but again, it was closed for the second time when we visited hahahaa. I guess it’s just not our luck to try them..for now?

So we ended up at Yoshinoya which made up for it cos I love it so much! Gosh..I’m worried how much weight I’ve put on after this trip cos I’m eating so much.

But that’s what a holiday is for right? 😛

Most importantly, thanks always for reading and see you for tomorrow’s post!


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