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#mitsuekitravels | 19D18N Japan Travelogue 2022 (Day 14): Tokyo Disneyland x Parades Galore x Happy 1.5 Years Anniversary – 4 Jan 2023

mitsueki travels tokyo disneyland 2023

Good morning from Tokyo! After a hearty (and free) breakfast at our hotel, we were off for a full day of Disneyland in celebration of our 1.5 years together!

Oh yes, in case you missed it – here’s Day 1-13 below:

We didn’t wake up as early for Tokyo Disneyland compared to USJ and goodness, I felt that the crowds here were worst! It took us around 20 mins to get into the park because their park check was a little more stringent. But after that, it was a breeze to go through.

Hello Disneyland, hello main Street and the beautiful castle! Don’t forget to download the Disneyland app first so that you can get updated on the wait times, purchase the Premier Access pass, get standby passes and navigate around. Also, it’s just VERY laggy so FYI in advance.

Our original first ride was to sit on the newly opened BayMax ride but it looked kinda too childish/kiddish/waste of time to spend 70-80 mins queuing for this ride, so we opted to skip it instead. It’s only nice for the songs and there are 6 songs in total – my suggestion is if you want to listen to all 6 songs..just stand by the queue and listen versus wait in the line for it. It’s not a very impressive ride but very VERY popular amongst the Japanese cos of the cute songs.

Instead, we went for Rolling Thunder with a 60 min wait and this to me, is more worth it than the BayMax ride. A classic rollercoaster but without the awful drops and wonderfully fun twists and turns that makes people go WHEE instead of screaming.. sign me up!

Next up, is the special New Year Parade at 12pm and we bought some food in advance – turkey leg for me and seafood pizza for the mister while camping at the parade grounds for the best view. Sadly, this parade is not worth waiting 15-20 mins in advance for as there was only 1-2 floats with Mickey and friends dressed in their new year kimonos.

Now for some kinako churros, the Pooh’s Honey hunt ride which was another hour wait but the ride was a little faster than expected before going for a tipo torta (chocolate) and honey popcorn snack while waiting for the main 2pm parade.

At least the main parade is worth camping 15-30 mins in advance for the front row “seats” as it was a lovely display of floats of different characters and we enjoyed it!

Our next ride was the newly opened Beauty and the Beast ride boasting up to 120-150 mins waiting time on average. To bypass this..I highly recommend spending 2000 yen for the Disney Premier Pass which gets you into the ride within 15-20 mins (max). Trust me..it’s worth it.

But first, off the Gustav’s/Belle’s village we go for some apple cinnamon churros before going for the ride! The ride is really not bad and the effects are really cool – I mean it impressed the mister, so what else can I say? :p

We went on train rides/cruises/boats for the next three rides – the railway train, The Mark Twain boat ride catching the golden hour, and the Jungle Cruise when it was dark. The latter was pretty good and I highly recommend going for it during the day, and then at night for a different feel.

It’s time to camp in the FREEZING wind for the electric parade at 620pm and this is one parade I highly recommend you check out. The dazzling display of all the stunning floats lighted up in the dark is amazing, a visual feast for the eyes! Everyone loves it 🙂

Dinner beckons after that and we ran into the nearest restaurant at Tomorrowland that was open after the parade as it was so cold! Heads up that many food places close by 4-5pm, only some restaurants are open till 7-8pm so do take note as I was slightly disappointed to not get my hands on some of the food stuff.

Fortunately, the BayMax burger, Mickey churros and nuggets that were on my to-try list made up for that disappointment, yay! They are a little expensive, however for theme park food, the quality is all pretty good. We enjoyed all our meals here 🙂

Somehow or another, we managed to squeeze in a Star Wars ride before literally RUNNING to get to the Haunted Mansion where it was the last day of their seasonal event (Halloween/Christmas). The latter is usually only available on the standby pass which we couldn’t get hold of the entire day, so when they opened the ride to the public (no standby pass needed), naturally we had to MAKE A DASH FOR IT!!

And it was absolutely worth it cos this is a seasonal event that you can also see ONCE a year and it’s a nightmare before Christmas theme. Highly recommended if you can catch it 🙂

We also made it out just in time to catch the last 10-15 seconds of the fireworks before it ended lol – what a way to end off our Disneyland right!

But wait! Since we had some time, we also went up the Cinderella castle which was kinda nice, before heading over to the souvenir shops to hunt for a Stitch for my friend. It failed, but that’s ok :p

Here’s ending off the night with a surprise present for the mister for our 1.5 years together – this Disneyland ticket was his present to me if you were wondering :p

And with that .. ends almost all our celebrations we’ve enjoyed during this trip – Christmas, New Year Eve Countdown, New Year’s Day and our 1.5 years anniversary.

What’s next for us is our last few days before this awesome trip ends.. I’m sad :’)


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