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#mitsuekitravels | 19D18N Japan Travelogue 2022 (Day 13): Sunshine City Ikebukuro x TeamLab Planets Tokyo x One Piece Mugiwara Store x Shibuya Dinner Meetups – 3 Jan 2023

I think we had a pretty good deal on our hotel because it came with complimentary brekkie for us in the morning starting from 630am-10am. It’s all simple fare, Tamago, sausages, bread, soup, curry and rice/miso soup with coffee/tea, good enough for you to have a nice brekkie to start off the day right!

P.s in case you’ve missed Day 1-12 posts, read them here:

The first part of the day was to leave early to head over to Sunshine City at Ikebukuro which was supposed to be on yesterday’s itinerary but we shifted it to today due to the lack of time/things close early and gosh, you gotta love this place! I’ve been here a number of times and can never get sick of .. any anime/fans of characters goods wouldn’t la.

Because how can you not? There are just rows and rows of shops for the fashionistas and for the anime/character goods from an official Pokemon Store, to the Pokémon Go store, a Pikachu Sweets cafe, a Rilakkuma cafe, One Piece Mugiwara Store, Sanrio Store etc to name a few..

The original intention was to visit the One Piece Mugiwara Store but apparently they only take ticketed queue numbers now and got a 4-415pm slot when we were there around 1130am which made the mister pretty disappointed.

We made up for it by heading to the Pokémon store to have a looksee and managed to get a free Pokémon folder so yay! Next up, was a visit to the world’s largest gachapon (capsule toy) machine store which just opened at Sunshine City recently.

Here, expect rows and rows aka thousands of gachapon capsule machines of various different types and toys from popular anime characters to adorable stuff to just random odds and ends that the Japanese love to come up with. Trust me..I highly recommend you spend a full day here at Sunshine City because the 2-3 hours here wasn’t enough for us at all!

We went for a quick lunch next as we needed to rush off to our next stop, almost an hour ride away and decided to have lunch at とりじん 池袋サンシャイン店 – a random izakaya restaurant at the basement of Sunshine City.

They had this lunch deal/offer which was pretty appetizing looking which we went for – charcoal grilled with salt chicken and egg on a rice bowl (oyako don basically), and a fried chicken and shrimp with tartar rice set. Both were rather simple fare but delicious and executed right – we enjoyed it very much 🙂

Our visit to the famed TeamLab Planet Tokyo was up next which we bought advanced discounted tickets off Klook prior, get it here! Getting there is also pretty easy as there is a train station right in front of the attraction, you just need to figure out how to navigate there and Google maps is your best friend!

With a total of 8 interactive art installments at TeamLab Planet Tokyo, be prepared to spend around 2-3 hours here. Also, do wear shorts, skirts or pants that can be rolled up because you’ll be wading in knee high deep water in one of the installments.

Beyond that, just get ready your camera’s because you’ll definitely be taking LOADS of photos here like what we did hahahha. I think the mister’s camera roll was just full of my photos cos I was asking him to spam take all of them for me as there were so many IG worthy photos to be taken here or documented down in pictures and videos. Definitely worth a visit and I highly recommend as adding this attraction into your itinerary if you can do so.

After that, the original plan was to head to Ginza and Shibuya but..things changed up and we decided to head back to Ikekuburo instead to make use of the One Piece Mugiwara timed ticket that we got to enter the shop cos I figured that that would be the only opportunity we could do so.

But first, cremia ice cream for dessert which the mister highly recommended and it was indeed yums.

And now to the Mugiwara Store for a One Piece shopping spree for the mister – courtesy of me HAHAHA.

We went back to the gachapon toy capsule store later on to play a few more games and went away with some new goodies including more Mimikkyu items yay!

A last look and we were off to Shibuya for a quick photo with Hachiko before our dinner meetup with Pinky, Charlie and baby Clara that night.

Here’s our dinner at Ginza Lion Beer Hall where we had a mixture of Japanese western food ranging from pizzas to pasta, potato dishes, steaks and garlic fried rice before our bid our farewells to Pinky and family. It’s just nice that we’re taking time out of our schedule/itinerary to make time to have a meal together even though we’re overseas. Also..what are the odds that we would meet in the same country too?!

We ended off that night opening our loots for the day including all his OP loots and more. Happy early monthiversary/1.5years from me to him~


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