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#mitsuekitravels | 19D18N Japan Travelogue 2022 (Day 12): Full House x Nozawa Onsen-Tokyo x Pork Tamago Onigiri x Shinjuku x Ichiran Ramen x Kabuki-Cho – 2 Jan 2023

mitsueki travels tokyo station shinjuku

Good morning from the last day of our Nozawa Onsen leg of this journey!

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Documenting it with our final breakfast at our minsu before packing and saying our goodbyes. It’s sad to leave on this lovely snowy day where you can expect plenty of powdery snow but oh well!

The fun part about snow is how lovely it looks but there are not so fun parts..like dragging your luggage through the slush/frozen path to the bus terminal. It’s actually pretty tiring even though we were going downslope. Thank God for the latter and we weren’t pushing upslope like the last round, you’ll definitely be sweating like hell.

I left the mister at the bus terminal to go purchase some snacks/souvenirs from the little confectionery shop that I enjoyed a lovely apple pie from and trudged through the snow to get there for some apple pies for him/me/my friends as souvenirs, along side some soy dango. She gave me a red bean manju for free once again, very lovely lady. Pity that they didn’t have their banana cream bread available as it was still baking. I ended up heading to the main town to purchase it + a cream puff.

And here we were, on a very crowded bus (full house!) to Iiyama Station where we had a number of canned soup ranging from the asari clam soup, potato and carrot chowder and the Ippudo soup. YUMS..they definitely helped to warm our souls while waiting for the Shinkansen.

Speaking of the Shinkansen..because it was a public holiday for the Japanese and we had unreserved seats, it was the first time ever where we had to stand almost the full leg of the 2 hour train ride to Tokyo as it was full.

Having said that, we were still able to happily snack for lunch eating while standing – a soy dango each, an apple pie, sharing a banana cream pie, a cream puff plus a chocolate roll before we managed to get separate seats when some people left around 3/4 of the journey.

Welcome (back) to Tokyo! And our first order of business was to drop off our luggage at the hotel first since we couldn’t check in and head over to Midtown Yaesu where the mister wanted to get his hands on the onigiri breakfast. So this popular Okinawan brand, Pork Tamago Onirigi just opened here a couple of months ago and the mister has been EYEING them for the longest time so that he could get his hands on the spam/egg onigiri combo. Look at how happy he is?!

For me I wasn’t really blown away. It was a tad dry for me cos it’s just rice + spam + egg, no sauce, you’ll need to top up for that. We also shared a pistachio ice cream from the 7-11 nearby before we checked into our room at 3pm+!

Once again, welcome to our humble abode at Keio Presso Inn Tokyo Station Yaesu – your typical Japanese hotel room (double). Cozy, compact, and not super roomy, you pay for what you get but as always, it’s sufficient and has everything you need in a room, albeit it being a little squeezey. This is gonna be our final base for the next 7-8 days in Tokyo and I’m still kinda sad at how fast time flies!

Next up, off to explore our surroundings at Tokyo Station as this is our first time on both of our trips to base ourselves in this area. Then we went off to Shinjuku area to walk around for abit and check out the 8 storey high Tokyu Hands. Trust me..you’ll spend quite abit of time here and we took quite alot of time and ended up realizing that many of the shops close early at 8pm 🙁 This meant switching up our itinerary tomorrow to Ikebukuro in the morning for his One Piece Mugiwara/Pokémon Store etc as it would have been too late for us to get there.

But that’s okay tho because we made up for all of that by ticking off Ichiran Ramen off our must eat in Japan list! There was still a short queue when we went at 7pm, but it moved rather fast. It’s also easier for two pax to get seats versus a big group so all was good.

Slurping up on Ichiran Ramen after so long feels so good..and that spicy kick, phew. Delicious! The only thing is that the meat is quite little, and there are no other toppings available including the egg (cos it was out of stock :(). Still, a very delicious meal overall and we were happy 🙂

Our final stop was to walk around Kabuki-chō at Shinjuku area since everywhere else was closed/closing other than restaurants and we saw the Godzilla head, went to play some toy catcher games and basically soaked in the vibes that was uniquely Japan! I’ve missed Tokyo 🙂


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