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#mitsuekitravels | 19D18N Japan Travelogue 2022 (Day 11): You Bakery x Ice Cream x New Year Shrine Visits x Fun Ski x Wagyu Tei Sukiyaki Dinner – 1 Jan 2023

mitsueki blog new year day 2023

How the time flies and we are reaching the end of our Nozawa Onsen leg of the trip.. which marks today as the mister’s final day of snowboarding and our last full day here.

In case you missed out on Day 1-10 of our trip – read them here:

Meanwhile, because today is New Year day, our brekkie was a little more special compared to the usual with more stuff prepped for us including quite a number of food items I’ve never tried before such as the mochi in my miso soup, etc. So this marks our first meal in 2023 and I hope you had a fantastic one as well!

Moving on, it’s back the slopes for the mister as he set off to grind the snow for one last time while I chilled, packed abit of my luggage before heading off to meet him at the town centre for a light bite.

As brekkie was rather heavy today, this means a light lunch for us and I was originally gonna get the donuts I spotted the day before but it was still closed. In the end, we went to You Bakery, a little retro bakery run by this lovely elderly couple on the main street.

Here, we shared a sugar donut with red bean, curry bread and a Mexican sand before ending it off with a vanilla soft serve for me.

The mister on the other hand, went straight for his #1 favourite ice cream in the world at the usual shop nearby the Hikage slopes. Nearby as well are a couple of shrines which we visited for the new year to pray for some good luck and blessing!

Next up, is my turn to hit the slopes for the first time after 3 days here at Nozawa Onsen! But knowing myself, I don’t really like sports that need acceleration etc or anything that needs hand-leg coordination so I just went for the cheapest option they had – a fun ski set for around 2800 yen inclusive of the boots.

And here’s $30 worth in photos cos as predicted, I was right – winter sports isn’t for me at all hahahahhaha!! I had more fun sledding down using the mister’s snowboard more than anything else lol. Just glad I was with him and he accompanied me most of the way cos he was done grinding the snow for the 3 days. However, I did see him do a run and he looked sugoi~ (cool) heh.

After a day in the snow, it’s time for an early dinner! We wanted to have nabe but it was fully booked. Hence we went for the next option, a sukiyaki option next at Wagyu Tei!

This is my first time having a proper Japanese sukiyaki and it’s pretty different from the ones I had in Singapore for sure cos there’s less broth. Also, we had a mix of beef options – the standard quality (Aussie Beef Leg) and high quality (domestic cattle chuck) which came with a set of vegetables, tiny appetitizers and udon to round it off. It was delicious:)

Also fun fact – I accidentally left my entire bag with my passport and wallet in the shop lol!!! Luckily the mister ran back to help me get it and it was still in safe hands with nothing missing..phew!!

Snow started coming down real hard on this night which the mister was sad about cos it would have been perfect to snowboard the next morning versus the bad icy weather on the slopes today. Oh well, it wasn’t our luck then but it’s okay la..I’m sure that there will be a next time 🙂

Time to chillax, dip into the Onsen and prep for tomorrow as we need to have an early night since check out is at 10am. Will miss these relaxing times together and I’m just glad we are spending the first day of new year together this 2023!

I hope your day has just been as good as ours too – have a great Happy New Year!


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