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#mitsuekitravels | 19D18N Japan Travelogue 2022 (Day 9): Me Time x Day Trip to Snow Monkey Park (Jigokudani Yaen Koen) x Gochisou Pizza Bar – 30 Dec 2022

mitsueki travels snow monkey park

Ohaiyo! And a very very good morning to you at 730am with a hearty Japanese brekkie served to our room! The fare includes oven roasted salmon, rice, a side of their homemade sidedish, miso soup, scrambled eggs and salad alongside hot green tea – what a way to start off our second day in Nozawa Onsen!

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The mister then transformed into his snowboarding gear..watch this hilarious Tiktok video:


And he was off for a half day of snowboarding on the slopes – the first after 3 years thanks to COVID.

For me? I was all tucked up comfortably in our room doing my blog work, scheduling ALL my posts before heading down to get some coffee and light lunch for the mister before our snow monkey tour later that afternoon.

The snow monkey tour can be purchased in advance like what we did and we just waited at the waiting area for the bus to arrive (just be there between 1230-1pm) as the bus departs at 1.10pm. It’s a free and easy tour where the bus basically drops you off at the snow monkey park by 2pm on a 50 mins bus ride, and you have till 4pm to return back to the bus to get back to Nozawa Onsen. Tickets for the entrance are inclusive but it’s a self guided tour. We paid around $50 each for this tour fyi.

Our first stop before heading up the park is to the take out cafe for some apple ice cream and apple pie cos this area is famous for them. Also, it’s the best chance to eat it here before dinner time later. Once you reach the entrance, it’s about a 1.6km hike up to the main entrance of the snow monkey so please wear good shoes. This was during winter so it was very slippery and many people slipped and fell along the way..so be very careful!

Was pretty clutching on tightly to the mister hand while going up and down later on cos I really didn’t want to end up like the many of have fallen down and landed onto the brown dirt ew. Note that it takes around 25-30 mins walking to get there..remove your masks if needed since it’s outdoors!

Finally..we reached the main entrance where you can either purchase tickets at 800 yen, or enter using the tickets provided by our tour bus. After that, it’s around 5-10 mins walk to get to the Onsen area where the snow monkeys are having their bath/Onsen time. You’ll know when you’ve arrived after you spot the whole flock of tourists gathered at a corner.

And hello monkeys! They look so so shiok enjoying their time in the Onsen water.

There are mostly families/moms and their children and an occasional aggro dominant male in the crowd. They are used to curious onlookers like us so they don’t mind being photographed. Just make sure you don’t bring any food or plastic bags as they might steal your stuff. We also managed to get a couple of good shots of the snow monkeys including their butts and some selfies – it was a fun trip here that I would recommend!

It’s now time to head down to the bus and we made it JUST in time at 4pm as it drove us back to Nozawa Onsen where it was getting dark. We had time to spare before our dinner reservation at 630pm so we walked around the town, ate the chips, bought apples and basically chillaxed for abit.

Dinner was at Gochisou Pizza Bar which we visited the day before but they were fully booked out. So we made reservations on this day instead and no regrets at all! Seated at the bar counter seats, we ordered a fusion Japanese ramen pizza and a chicken & fries kids meal to share and WOW the pizza was amazing! Just a tad salty cos I’m sure that’s how they push for drinks :p

We also played some darts to see who gets to pay for our new year dinner the next day and guess who won ;p

And that’s the end of the night as we headed back to our minsu to take a nice Onsen bath in our private Onsen bathroom and chillax..cos an early morning awaits us at 730am!

Gnite and thanks for reading!


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