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#mitsuekitravels | 19D18N Japan Travelogue 2022 (Day 6): Osaka-Kanazawa x Omicho Market x Higashi Chaya District x Kenrokuen x 21th Century Museum of Contemporary Art – 27 Dec 2022

mitsueki travels kanazawa omicho market via inn kanazawa 2022

Sometimes the mister can indeed be quite sweet/cheesy even. Acts of service is definitely the top on his list on how he expresses his love for me – from getting my chocolate cocoa drink, to a lol, heart shape orange decoration, to buying our favourite corn/red bean soup and basically making things easier for me in terms of commuting multi city as we said our final goodbyes to Osaka for this leg of the trip!

In case you’ve missed out on our travel trip so far, read Day 1-5 here:

So here we were on the Thunderbird to Kanazawa, a 3 hour shinkansen ride from Osaka on the limited express. Similar to the last round, we were quite equipped on the food and drinks to bring onboard for our brekkie/brunch/lunch. The only downside about taking the Thunderbird is that there is no dedicated luggage space to put your luggage.

Instead, as our luggage were rather large, it couldn’t fit into the overhead compartments and we had to stack them at an empty seat. As such, it’s always a worry whenever the train stops and we check to see if anyone is taking the seat where our luggage are.. so that we can move.

Beyond that, everything else was good and we had a good and comfy ride to Kanazawa as the scenery changed from the city to snowy landscapes.

It wasn’t snowy in Kanzawa when we arrived this round, unlike on the second day where there was a sudden snow storm. However, there were still melting snow all around as they will take awhile to melt/be cleared.

Our first stop was to get a late lunch at the famous Omicho Market – either take a bus or walk there (we opted for the latter) and it was a nice way to take in the sights of Kanzawa city as we made our way to a seafood paradise.

Lunch ended up to be one of their famous kaisendon bowls made using market fresh ingredients (similar to that of Tsukiji Market, but on a smaller scale) at Kaisendon Ichiba.

The mister went for the market Kaisendon bowl at 1628 yen while I went for the omakase Kaisendon bowl for 2178 yen and they were delicious, albeit a tad pricey cos it’s in a touristy place. The ootoro don that we had at Nara still ranks #1 so far in terms of the quality/quantity of seafood and the overall value. Nonetheless, they were all good.

Moving on next, we went to try out their Croquettes that are pretty famous in the market. There were a choice of beef, shrimp, octopus croquettes that you rarely see elsewhere and we opted to try the sweet shrimp version, alongside a tempura crabstick. I thought it was just okay, the beef croquette that I had at Kobe still ranks #1 for me :p

Our next stop was to the famous higashi Chaya district which is also walking distance away but we took a bus instead cos it started drizzling 🙁 but okay la, we wanted to experience taking a local bus so it was quite an interesting experience boarding from the back and taking a ticket.

And tadaahh we’ve reached! Basically it’s just an old town district similar to Gion in Kyoto, but on a smaller scale I feel. Not alot of shops were also open cos this was rather near the holidays so there wasn’t much to have a look see.

Most people come here for the following – shop for souvenirs, eat the famous Kanazawa gold leaf ice cream and snap photos of this historical district. It’s also recommended to rent a kimono to walk through this area if you have the time.

Our next stop = another bus ride, this time to Kenrokuen, one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan.

As we reached around closing time, we didn’t have to pay for admission to enter woohoo. But this also means only having less than an hour to walk around and appreciate this gorgeous scenery in front of you.

Plus take a ton of photos/selfies together alongside some mini snowmen. Hahaha!

Here are our next few stops as we decided to walk back to our hotel on foot (~40 mins walk) – first is the 21th century museum of contemporary art, followed by a long walk down popping by a Taito Station to play some toy catcher crane games and my Mister donut to get my hands on their pon de ring. I almost got their fukubukuro bag but their Pokémon series of donuts were already sold out so I couldn’t redeem them 🙁

And then, we finally reached back to Kanazawa Station! Many of the shops / restaurants, souvenir shops and supermarket here actually close by 8pm or earlier. However, there are also food options for your selection at night that are also open till 11pm, but I would say that they are more limited.

But first, time to check into our next hotel for the next few nights – Via Inn Kanazawa conveniently located within the station itself. You don’t even need to head out of the station at all, it’s an excellent location to base yourself in Kanazawa. Just take note of the check in time which is usually at 3pm.

Also like most of the Japanese hotels we’ve stayed in, the room is very compact, small and cozy but well equipped with all the facilities and amenities you’ll need for a good stay at a pocket friendly price below $100 per night for two pax. I highly recommend this hotel for fuss free travelers 🙂

We decided to have dinner at Go Go Curry – this is actually a Kanazawa style of curry if you didn’t know. Affordable prices, huge servings and overall value for money for the taste… What’s not to like?

Finally we spent the rest of the time checking out all the souvenir shops, Lawson and 7-11 for unique tidbits and potential souvenirs for our friends and families back at home. Not forgetting his 2nd ice cream of the day ..goodess me!

And that’s it for our Day 6 post! Thanks always reading and check out Day 7 coming to you tomorrow!


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