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#mitsuekitravels | 19D18N Japan Travelogue 2022 (Day 1): Singapore-Taipei-Tokyo x Fish Ramen x Asakusa x Sensoji Temple x Tokyo SkyTree – 22 Dec 2022

mitsueki travels japan day 1 2022

Konnichiwa from Japan everyone! And that’s after a horrendous flight with a number of turbulence, plus a transit stop at Taiwan before reaching safely to Narita Airport in Tokyo. The number of hours of sleep caught during the flight (for me) = 1 hour in total so I was honestly pretty shagged by the time we touched down.

The first thing to do upon reaching = head to the JR East Train Service Station to get our hands on all our JR passes and make the seat reservations for the entire leg of our trip, most of which we bought off Klook and the JR East website.

And of course, the mister’s first coffee and onigiri in Japan before hopping onto the train to Kinshicho Station where our hotel for the night was located at.

It was a short 5-10 mins walk from the station to our hotel pushing our luggages. Welcome to Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo Kinshicho! Check in was efficient and swift – all done using the machine before grabbing the free amenities displayed and checking into this compact hotel room.

As a heads up, Japan is famously known for their tiny rooms and this is one such hotel. However, for two it was okay for us, some parts were a tight squeeze but we found it okay, cozy and comfortable with everything we needed within one room. Recommended and I wouldn’t mind staying here again!

Next on, we walked a couple of streets down our hotel to our late lunch place at Mandai Ramen Mengyo to try out their fish ramen (sea bream, if I’m not wrong). For those who don’t like fishy broth, please avoid as there broth is super fishy and flavourful. However, it’s worth a try otherwise because you definitely won’t be able to try this in Singapore. We both enjoyed our ramen as well.

Our next stop is to Asakusa just a few lines down to visit the usual popular Nakamise Street and have desserts and a quick bite along the way. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s at night, or there are considerably less tourists in Tokyo at this moment as there wasn’t a crowd.

The shrine visit to Sensoji Temple past the Hozomon Gate is always one stop that you shouldn’t miss out on even if you visit Tokyo regularly! If you come after hours like us however, the shrine doors are closed but you can stay make your prayers etc before making your way to the next stop.

And that, for us is to walk to Tokyo SkyTree which is walking distance away (approx 25 mins on foot) passing by a unique Lawson 100 and Sumida River before reaching our destination.

As it was still the Christmas period right now, there was a small Christmas market and experience set up at Tokyo SkyTree. Very pretty but we were too full to eat any of the food and only stayed out for awhile to view the Christmas event as it was so cold.

Otaku/anime lovers will be excited to hear to Tokyo SkyTree as there are so many anime/character related shops here ranging from Jump Shop to Kirby shop, with a Pokémon Centre, Harry Potter Mahou Doukoro pop by store and many more squeezed into one of their levels.

We then ended off the night early by visiting their department store downstairs to peruse the food items, buy some potato chips for snacking and grabbed some of their food going at half price after 7pm (fried chicken!).

Honestly though, I’m still surprised I managed to get through this day without feeling TOO tired surviving on that one hour of awful sleep. We even walked from Tokyo SkyTree back to our hotel (approx 20-25 mins) before making it back there before 9pm.

Oh yes, cos it’s winter – it gets dark super early like around 4-5pm making it feel as if it’s already 8-9pm during that time. We even turned in for an early night before 10pm to get some shut-eye, and also because tomorrow is an early morning due to some last minute shifts in our train departure.. a 6.45am wake up time awaits us.

Follow us on our journey for Day 2 onwards by coming back to this blog tomorrow!

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