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#MitsuekiTravels: Day 1 of 3D2N Genting Highlands Trip 2022 – 5 Nov 2022

mitsueki travels day 1 genting highlands 2022

Day 1 of our long awaited Genting trip with Shereen and Lock begun on a rainy Saturday morning at 5am as we took a grab over to Djitsun Mall where our coach pick up was at.

As we departed from different points (hers at CWP/mine at Bedok), we were unfortunately not taking the same bus, but that’s okay cos the destination was ultimately the same.

More importantly, it’s been almost two weeks since the mister and I last saw each other so these moments are pretty precious to us. Dont forget to stock up on some food or snacks prior to your bus ride cos it’s gonna be a long way with only 4 put stops with toilet breaks along the way: 1) Singapore Customs (Tuas) 2) Malaysia Customs 3) Yong Peng 4) Petrol Pit Stop. Give and take, it will be around 1-2pm for you to arrive at Genting if you leave around 4.45-5am in Singapore.

The check in time at First World Hotel is at 3pm, but you can top up a mere 5MYR to check in earlier. Unfortunately, the rooms were fully booked today so we had to wait till our official check in time before we could even get a room ready for us. However, that’s fine – just head out for lunch first with your luggage cos I’m sure you’ll be ravenous by then!


Our lunch place was at Mr Dakgalbi cos I had a major craving for chicken dakgalbi and Genting’s cool weather is just perfect to be eating that. Plus if you miss eating Yoogane, this is your next best option ever since they closed down in Singapore.

We shared the family set which comes with a chicken dakgalbi set for 3-4 pax, 4 drinks, and a kid’s meal (Milo, rice balls and rice cake) while topping up for some Octopus since it was so affordable. Everything was cooked at your table by your server so you don’t need to do anything beyond just waiting with bated breath for your food to be ready before scoffing it all down like what we did.

Best of all, the price was really affordable coming up to around 170 MYR which is around S$60 for 4 pax (S$15 each), a price you can never ever get at Yoogane back home hahhahaa.

Next up, a quick check in since our room was ready. At first, I had my doubts about First World Hotel but surprisingly the room was not too shabby for the price paid. Basic, but clean and comfortable – good for a 3D2N trip. We also had a lovely view from the window so that was really nice 🙂 Note that you need to pay a 3 MYR sustainability tax upon check in as well.

The only downside is that the hotel doesn’t offer free WiFi, even in this modern era lol, so luckily we had our data plan that we bought from Airalo and I highly recommend getting the eSim prior to your departure. Need a referral code? Sign up HERE with my code <DAPHNE2734> for USD$3 off! We got a 3GB plan for USD9 for 30 days cos we were headed to JB the following week.

Meanwhile, we also bought the Awana Skyway pass prior to our trip from Klook. Get it HERE from Klook!

This makes it super easy cos we just have to scan our QR codes to get into the cable car entrance. Don’t worry too if the queues are long, the wait time is rather fast as there are 100 gondolas in service at the same time. It also offers a free pitstop at Chin Swee Temples and for the first time, I decided to take that route and drop by for a visit. Just take note that the last cable car here is at 7pm, compared to the outlet malls (11pm-1am, depending).

Personally I feel that it’s quite a scenic location, and it gives a very Haw Par Villa vibe, without the heat, pagoda and less sculptures. They also have quite a number of deities here but considerably lesser. Just have some fun plus take loads of pictures.

We headed back to the skyway to hop onto the Gondola down towards the outlet mall this round as our final stop before heading back to SkyAvenue at Genting.

Come with lower expectations since this is an outlet mall so it’s gonna be off season items in general. I don’t have comments on the pricing but they are going at 15-70% off depending on which outlet you to to, so there are plenty of savings you can have for sure.

For us, it was a quick visit plus a dessert stop at Godiva for their decadent soft serve before hopping onto the Gondola back to our original destination for dinner. Oh yes, a recommended buy here is the bacon from a random souvenir shop at the Gondola area.

And it’s time for a late dinner at HighLine, an open air (but sheltered) food court/Marche style place where you can get pizza, fish and chips, meat, seafood and alcohol all within one place. Sadly, the food wasn’t up to standard, rather subpar so don’t have expectations. The burger was the best item there, the rest..meh. Save your stomach for something else.

We ended off the night by exploring the vicinity of our hotel for potential brekkie options and etc before calling it a day. Gnite and thanks always for reading!


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