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Office Diaries: Finally COVID Negative x Day 1 of SFF – 2 Nov 2022

office diaries day 1 of sff 2022

Good morning on Day 6 and I’m free, finally COVID Negative and lol – I’m back at work, immediately jumping into my next event though I’m slightly regretting it cos of the 7am roll call time hahaha.

I’m not a morning person, are you?

At least we are well taken care of, with a catered breakfast all around for everyone to start off the morning. It’s always slightly busy/messy (ok can be very messy) on Day 1 of the events, especially such large scale events but by afternoon, we got them all sorted out. Finger pointing in such situations should also not be encouraged cos what matters more at hand is to resolve, move on and that’s it. The event life is also rather fluid so you gotta always expect the unexpected.

Like in this, lol my role was suddenly changed on the spot and I was assigned elsewhere. However, it all worked out for the best so it’s good.

Just glad I have the opportunity to work together with the office wife in the same event; albeit in different roles but at least we can still hang for abit, and even had time to walk the halls while juggling our respective roles. It’s definitely an event of a massive scale with 6 halls!

I’m also very grateful to be able to leave at a not-so-late timing but needlessly to say that we were all pretty exhausted (and hungry) by the end of the day. Ended off with a tuna wrap, scheduling the usual post and continuing on that itinerary planning! Day 9 down, 10 more days to go!


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