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Mitsueki on MC: Day 5 of COVID-19 (Again) x Food Blessing – 1 Nov 2022

mitsueki on mc day 5 covid 2nd time

Welcome to the November! Just two months before 2022 ends and time really flies so quickly huh?

Sadly, today is still a COVID positive day for Day 5 but the line is really really faint so I’m rather confident that I’ll be okay by tomorrow.

I was so confident, I started doing my packing for my Genting trip this weekend, and also picked out the clothes for the next few days – all jeans unfortunately (not my favourite) cos it’s event day / and it’s cold at Genting later on.

What was unexpected today, and what I feel very blessed for – receiving a food delivery from my cousin/aunt where she cooked up a very healthy and nutritious feast for us both. It was so much that we knew we couldn’t finish all and they were very delicious.

Of cos, that kinda threw a spanner in my plans cos I had my salad that I ordered the day before, so mix and match it shall be! The portion was SO huge that I still had enough for leftovers over the next few days as you can tell lol..

Finally, to end off the night – I scoffed down an entire packet of muachee and more soup (not pictured) while continuing on my Japan itinerary.

Slow and steady wins the race .. Day 7 down, 12 more days to plan!


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