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Public Holidays with Mitsueki: Group Gatherings at Fong Sheng Hao x Yi Zhun Noodles (Halal) x Canvas Gelateria – 24 Oct 2022

public holidays with mitsueki fong sheng hao x yi zun noodles x gelato

Today marks my last day of enjoyment before the two weeks of back to back events begin so I’m just gonna enjoy it to the fullest (where I can!).

It is also a day of running errands and the like and it started off with a light Taiwanese brunch session at Fong Sheng Hao with Angela for a short catch up. Afterwhich, it’s grocery stock up day and morning preps for the mister’s daily breakfast as we hung out at his place after that.

We headed off for an early dinner at Yi Zun Noodles which is a halal Chinese restaurant for a meet up with his colleagues/ex colleagues including one who I met for the first time today. It’s nice that he includes me into his gatherings with friends and vice versa for myself as well!

We ordered a number of dishes off the menu, many of which they’ve tried (and new ones too) as Yi Zun is one of their favourite places to dine at. This includes the mutton skewers, sour plum tea, chicken pot, stir fried black pepper hotplate beef, seafood and mushroom soup and veggies paired with rice/Mantou. It was a delicious meal made better with good conversations and lovely company 🙂

With plenty of time left at night, we headed over next to get our dessert fix at Canvas Gelateria which was a short walk away for some gelato for all of us. It’s hard to go wrong with gelato/ice cream as a sweet treat to end off the day right! Best, when you share the calories :p

Finally, we ended the night by watching the last episode of S1 of House of The Dragon. Okay la I spoiled myself by reading the full synopsis already but still..watching it onscreen is still a little different. #feels


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