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Weekends with Mitsueki: Trying Out Feng Xiang Bak Kut Teh x Everton Creamery – 16 Oct 2022

weekends with mitsueki feng xiang bkt x everton creamery

Today was a tasting day – a double date lunch with one of my favourite couples aka, the office wife and her hubs at Feng Xiang Bak Kut Teh. They have a couple of outlets islandwide and the outlet we popped by was located within Food Republic, BreadTalk IHQ.

Parking is quite affordable over the weekend clocking in $2 per entry and this is a place with plenty of seats. I think because a nearby church session just ended so it was specially crowded on a Sunday when we went. If you want to avoid the crowd, perhaps a weekday / Saturday will be better! However, we still managed to get seats so it wasn’t a problem for us :p

You can see the chefs prepping your fried porridge in front of you over a raging hot fire and I was psyched to be able to try them out as Feng Xiang BKT has been on our to try list for awhile now.

Their classic staples will be the fried Porridge available with different meats – pork/mixed organs/fish and the like and we went for the newly launched frog legs fried porridge, as well as a classic option of the mixed organs fried porridge.

Not forgetting a range of their other new launched range of frog leg items including stir fried frog legs and fried frog legs. I love the batter here and they were all delicious and tender.

Fans of Malaysia style BKT will be excited to know that this is what Feng Xiang BKT offers, instead of the usual Singapore style peppery BKT. Served in clay pot bowls, we tried both the dry version and the herbal soup version and we were fans! Enjoyable and the pork ribs were tender, it was a delicious meal.

To round it all off, we had accompanying sides including rice, youtiao and vegetables with oyster sauce, of which all went with together with all the sauces / soups and fried Porridge etc. What a lovely meal all in all which we enjoyed, and of course, in the best company!

We also headed to Everton Creamery after that, located within BreadTalk IHQ for ice cream as desserts sharing 4 different scoops – pistachio,dark chocolate, black sesame and rum & raisin to end off our double lunch date right!

Thanks once again to Feng Xiang BKT for having us 🙂

Finally, to end off the night => errands day => fruit preps => lunch preps => random documentaries on Netflix/YouTube surfing + napping alongside the mister ;p

Quality time spent together is always the best thing to do on a weekend.

Back to work on Monday – not looking forward:x


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