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Office Diaries: Twinning x Qi Li Xiang Hotpot and Karaoke Session – 30 Sept 2022

office diaries qi li xiang hotpot and karaoke

TGIF and happy Friday everyone! I started off my morning great with a tuna sandwich and a couple-ish twinning photo with the office wife this Friday morning!

Quick meals, soup and some snacks for lunch cos I was prepping myself for a heavy dinner tonight!

And here we go, our first visit at Qi Li Xiang Hot Pot located at Tanjong Pagar area! It comes with 3 levels, the first – the hotpot area, the second lv is a live band/club and the third lv is the karaoke area which we booked for later that night.

It’s an ala carte menu – prices are not exactly the cheapest but reasonable. Best to eat with a number of people so the cost can be shared accordingly (we reckon squeezing 6-7 people in a table) as the soup base isn’t cheap. We took the Sichuan mala base ($15++) and their signature coconut chicken soup base ($28.80++) and ordered a number of meat platters, the usual hotpot items and more. The cost came up to around $330+, working out to be $55 or so per pax as it was a birthday treat for Cherie!

Ironically, though it was a treat for her, I somehow unwittingly went to take a selfie with her bouquet and ended up taking the group selfies together at the same time too HAHAHAH!

We ended off the night with a karaoke session booked at lv3 as mentioned. It’s about $58/room per hour, with a minimum of one drink per person (drink costs starts from $7 for the cheapest) so fyi on the rates if you plan to book. The room is pretty big as well as you can tell – definitely able to fit more than 7 people and up to 10 people comfortably.

Most importantly, the karaoke system is rather updated, with a mixture of different songs and the latest ones, including those from Tiktok and all that. You’ll definitely have a good time here and overall, it was a pretty fun night all in all.

Gnite and thanks always for reading!


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